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Ever Believed Something And It Came True?


Before I start this, I just wanted to state that I'm Christian and this is just a theory based on my belief. If you have any other belief, but still wish to continue then go right ahead. Well it all started off when I was reading a fan fiction and it had something to do with the main character creating things that came to her mind because she believed she could. I got me thinking that maybe I can do it too. I mean we are the children of god right? So what if he gave us the power to do the same thing that he could, but we don't notice? For example, there have been stories where people have a premonition on when they die, some have come true, while some haven't. But the difference between for those who have died on their prediction is KNOWING, If you believe it may or may not come true, but if you know it will happen. Just like knowing the sun will come out during the day and the moon will be visible by night. For those of us on this site want to have some sort of power are practicing just so they can achieve whatever they want to. But most of us only believe they can do it, not knowing they can. If you haven't noticed, everyone on this planet all have gifts, we all have the power to have the same gift as anyone else, we just have to work at it. Think of abilities as muscles, like singing for example, some of us have a beautiful voice, while others... Not so much. It's the same thing as muscles, If we work at it, we can have a beautiful voice just like the next person. Another thing that we humans do is create, Every second of the day a new invention is born and it doesn't have to be with the stuff you order on T.V, it could be with anything, food, drinks, songs, stories. Humans already create stuff as it is! Now, what if we could create stuff or do stuff right on the spot? For example if I wanted a teddy bear on my bed, It just appears out of thin air? Or if I wanted to control fire, I just do it? What if we had the ability to do that just by thinking of, or knowing you can do it? Let's be honest, If we turned on the kitchen stove and tried to control fire, we wouldn't believe we could, therefore we can't do it. Now my theory is, If we KNOW we could control fire we could do it right on the spot. It's just the same as thinking positive and positive things will come back at you, or the other term 'What goes around, comes around' When I was little I saw a movie called 'Eight legged freaks' and enjoyed the movie. A few days later, I knew gigantic spiders were real (Hey I was three) then suddenly out of nowhere, I saw a gigantic spider bigger than any human crawl down the wall, I screamed, ran upstairs and got my older brother. I wanted the spider gone, by the time I came downstairs, the spider was gone. My brother said it was just my imagination, but the spider was the most realistic thing I have ever saw, as of right now, I'm only 14 and I still believe the spider was real. Has anybody ever believed something and it came true?

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fizzlepopbang (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-08)
Hello song-whisper 299, I am also 14. What you experience is the law of attraction, we do it every day, every minute, with every emotion and every thought. I suggest you look this up, and maybe purchase 'The secret' book or movie, these are the best. The law of attraction is far too much to talk about in a little box, but if I would I could, but be sure of one thing: This is how the world works.
girl_with_the_shadow (3 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-06)
I believed a lot of things and it came true. So what you're stating is very possible, but many people exclude thoughts like that because they think its outlandish. I'm 14 aswell and I KNOW its very possible but the human brain is molded by society and during that process they try to break that connection by calling it fiction. 😕 😕 😕

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