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Why Do I Cry When I Think About The Paranormal?


It's weird, Whenever I think about something like ghost, aliens, astral projection. I cry, but it's not sadness, it's something I can't put my finger on. Also my nose starts to burn a little bit. Does anybody else feel this way to? It's like this weird sensation that goes through my body as I think about such topics. I don't know how to explain it. Is there something wrong with me? Is my chakra off balance? Do I know something I'm not aware of? Is it my curiosity pouring out of my eyes? To be honest, I want to know the truth about everything, from the beginning of time, to all the dimensions, to the universe, and more importantly ourselves and our power that we can't master. We only use 12% of our brains, right? So what would happen if we use all of it? Could we levitate read others minds? Solve difficult educational problems in a heartbeat? The question is, how powerful are human beings? Think about it. What if it's a big cycle? Where one day we will be as smart as aliens and take to the skies, then watch over the next major beings that take over earth? Thinking about makes me crave for the truth. Too bad humans are kept ignorant on earth. We don't even know what's going on in other countries! I want to know the truth! Maybe the reason why I'm crying is because I want to know the truth so bad. I don't know though. Does anybody else know what it is? Do you ever have the same thoughts as me? Do you know the truth? Do you want to know the truth? What do you do to try to figure out the truth? Internet, theories, people, T.V, books? All of the above? Are you intrigued as me? (I hope I spelled that right) Are you craving the truth too? But seriously, why do I cry when I think about this stuff?

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sadbowser (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-04)
I might as well add to this, even if it's a 7 year old post.
Whenever my friends talk about their supernatural experiences, I can't physically stop myself from tearing up. I don't cry, but I definitely tear up.

It doesn't always happen. Some stories cause no reaction, and some stories create an overwhelming sense of... Something? It really must be the same feeling you're all talking about. I can't put it into words.

Ps. I am a diagnosed non empath. I am unable of feeling empathy, even for loved ones, which is why this feeling was even stranger to feel the first couple of times.
(pps. Being a non empath doesn't make you a bad person, I have a very altruistic view on life)
TylerPizz (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-22)
I see that this post is fairly old at this point but after all several years of my eye is starting to tear up every time I start to think or watch videos about the supernatural I decided to Google it and instantly found this post. I have had people tell me I was an empath before but never really considered the thought that I actually could be one. And I'm curious to learn more about it
TwoOfSpades (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-18)
Hi, also from the present:)!

I normally never respond to posts on the internet, so this is feeling a bit new to me. I'm doing this now, because I can relate to your story enormously (except the noseburn). The questions you ask yourself, are questions I ask myself too. It is nice to know there are more people crying at the thought of more than just this world. (It's not sadness indeed.) I actually started to think I was crazy.

I cry quite frequently actually. It's not that I'm sad all the time, but more like I'm absorbing emotions from other people. When I see, read or hear people are suffering, I automatically put myself into their shoes and almost feel what they must be feeling. Works the same the other way around, if people are being made happy, I feel happy. I don't know if that means anything or if it's just called 'being human'.

I've always been curious too, but wanting to know the truth has developed into kind of an obsession over the past two years. I'm convinced there is something, and I desperately want to know what. Maybe that's partly because I find it a terrifying thought that when you die you just disappear. To be honest, I never really understood why other people did not care too much about it. That also kind of frustrated me because I could not talk or speculate about it with anyone.

Sooooo, I know this is an old post and I'm not sure what I'm actually trying to say but...
Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone and not necessarily crazy;p
Love_Throughout_Pain (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-17)
Hello from the Present!
I see a pattern here and I wish to leave a message for those who also end up at this stop on their path.

I, Love
laurempath (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-14)
I know this is a very old thread but I just had to comment. In all the years I've experienced this phenomenon I've never thought to google it. I hope you've found some answers to your questions, I wish we could connect because you sound a lot like me. I do wonder if the tears come from being an empath, but anything from ghosts to aliens, will make water pour from my eyes. It's almost more tears than if I were sad, just unstoppable fat tears pouring uncontrollably from me. It can't be just any story or situation either, it has to be something that strikes me as or resonates as true to me. Sometimes it will happen in front of people and they stop whatever they're saying and ask if I'm okay and I have to explain that I'm not sad or scared, it just happens to me, always has, and I cannot explain it. But it feels much better to know I'm not alone.
Xeraphax (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-01)
It's a sign that you've hit a truth.

This video on YouTube explains it.

Rsinha (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-19)
This is EXACTLY what happens to me. I don't understand why though
whatthefuck (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-23)
Hey, this is crazy, I was just reading a story about time slips, which is when people suddenly find themselves in the past, and I started tearing up. The same thing recently happened when a friend was recounting a paranormal story about her mother and she pointed out that it was strange. I didn't realize that not everybody tears up at spooky stories. It's not like a regular crying sensation though. Tears do come, but I don't feel sad, just...overwhelmed? It's so weird that my search led me here to this psychic page. A while ago, I met somebody at a party who said he could see ghosts and after talking for a while, he told me I might be an empath. I woke up the next morning and kind of just wrote it all off as being bullshiat, that he was just trying to yank my chain or whatever, even though it felt very real at the time we were talking. I guess I just didn't know what to do with that information and so I forgot it. But the same description keeps coming back to me. "Old soul", "Empath", these words keep following me around. And if I do have these special abilities, what do I do with them? The words "special abilities" makes me cringe, I definitely do not think of myself as some sort of hero. But I have felt like I have untapped power. I guess we'll see what happens. Cool site though. Glad somebody started this thread, too.
Lucida (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-04)
Hi Songwhisper, hi Eric973,

I don't know if you'll read this seeing as you wrote this quite a while ago, but I ended up here after searching for an explanation for the very same phenomenon. My eyes also fill with tears when I'm confronted with certain stories of the 'paranormal' or 'supernatural', and if what I am reading/hearing is particularly vivid, creepy or convincing (I definitely don't believe everything I hear), it can even happen that fat tears roll down my cheeks. It doesn't so much feel like crying but rather like my eyes are just overflowing. It feels completely distinct from any other kind of tearing up/crying. I don't feel overwhelmed with emotion and certainly not with sadness (it is a very rare thing for me to cry for any other reason than sadness). I have wondered about this for many years now and it only just occurred to me to do a search and see if others experience the same.

By the way, Songwhisper, I can definitely relate to the things you write, all this hunger you have for learning the truth about life and the universe. I don't know if our personalities have anything to do with the "crying", but you seem to have thought it was relevant, and so I include this for what it's worth. This has happened to me both as an atheist with no own 'paranormal' experience and as a spiritual person.
KaseyLyndal (3 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-20)
I don't cry but I get the oddest feeling in my stomach. It tingles almost to a painful point. I've actually had to stop what I was doing until it stopped.
eric973 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-20)
Hello, wow, I'm from France and I randomly types "cry when I talk about paranormal" and found your question. I am in the exact same case, whenever I talk or think about astral projection, ghosts, spirits or anything paranormal, I start to cry, my eyes are filled with tears. It makes me really uncomfortable when I am talking to people that I have to act like I'm tired and that's why I have tears...
People say I'm an old soul so maybe it's things I've lived and forgot, maybe it's a direct response from my higher self or my energetic body to my nervous system, I really don't know. I'm just happy to find somebody who is just like me.
I don't cry because I'm sad of something, just thinking or talking about those stuff. Since I'm very little, think about our conditions as human, I alway thought we were connected and spiritual beings, when I was older to read books on that subjects, I always foud that it just confirmed what I intimately knew.

I wish there was even more people sharing this experience so we understand better what it is.
shellshell3030 (3 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-18)
You are aware of so much more about our true reality than most people. You know enough to sense that there is so much more to know. This knowledge is overwhelming, at times. Perhaps you cry because of that and also a mix of other emotions, frustration, fear,etc.If you are empathic than you may be overloaded with emotions from all around you, from this plane and others, perhaps.

It is true that the 10% brain thing is myth, we use all our brains, in brain scans it is visible, all different sections are active depending on what the person is doing/thinking. I believe the typical person doesn't use much of their potential, not the physical brain, but that part of our consciousness that is somewhere between cognizance and soul. Knowing and seeing more than the typical person is very frustrating, at times, it can feel isolating, wondering why others don't see, wanting to tell them/show them, but afraid to because they cannot accept and may turn on you.
therapistrockstar (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-18)
I feel like no one answered her question. I get the same thing. But I also start crying looking at things as simple as the window across the street from me which is why I am finally looking into it.
Psychicgirl18 (3 stories) (69 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Hi there, to answer your question, I do desire to know the truth. I know there is more to humans than we know, but I honestly can't say that I cry.
I research about all sorts of things, psychick mediums, witches, vampires, etc. I would suggest you read books, research various topics on the internet.
Good luck!
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-07)
I don't really agree with the world and people being ignorant. There is information all over the place if people bother to look for it. And many, many people do look for it.

Aliens are already here. We are all spirit beings. Many "people" have not originated from planet Earth, but they chose to incarnate here while on their spiritual journey. I was having vivid visions of rainbows and I was seeing all kinds of rainbow energy in the shape of characters in the dead of the night. To make a long story short, I know that sooner than later I am going to get married, get pregnant, and give birth to a baby whose spirit comes from the Pleiades. Pleiadians have rainbow auras. This baby's spirit visits me all the time. It took a while to figure all of that out, but the information was there when I went searching.

Perhaps you cry because you actually DO know the truth--that there is much more to this life than meets the naked human eye. Maybe it's a frustration you have, and that could be part of your path of learning and growth while you are on Earth.

You might want to read about indigo children, rainbow children, etc. You might also look into Sylvia Brown's books. I'm not sure which book it is, but it talks about how aliens are on Earth right now. There should at least be one chapter in one of her books about it, if not an entire book about it. Also maybe look at books by Barbara Marciniak (sp?). She channels the Pleiadians. Not sure you are interested in that particular group of beings, but I am, and I mentioned why above.

I might also urge you to look into a book called Anastasia. There are 9 books in total, by a Russian guy. Check out the descriptions of those books.

If you live In California, information and resources are easily within your reach, you just have to look. ❤
NettaJetta (1 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
I smiled when I read this, I cry a lot as well. I am very sensitive, when something is mean, bad, "scary", beautiful, amazing--on and on-- I cry.

And I couldn't put my finger on it as well... I have a friend who is sensitive not emotionally but sensitive on an intuitive bases like me, and we have connected so much that are dreams relate, intertwine, and relate. And at the end of the day when we come to a consensus about the world I cry.

She thinks I am a weirdo, but I just tell her that I cry because I know there is something bigger out there, and I cry because I am aware and so many people are blind to what's to me seems like common sense...

I don't know but it will all start making sense soon, you will see.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
God bless you, little sister!

When I was younger I too used to weep when reading stories about the heroic deaths of saints - even if it were fictitious persons, as "Klekih-petra" in the "Winnetou One" book of Karl May - and I often wept during Holy Mass too, or while praying.

Sometimes it was from repentance - nowadays I know I often repented for "sins" that were actually non-existent, it had been surroundings of mine talking me into the idea that I had done this sin or that, or books which I had not understood well enough -,
But most of the time it was for a sort of existential homesickness... Being homesick for the Lord, for really knowing that He/She/It is real instead of having to believe blindly.
I desired to be able to feel the Lord.
This was quite the same thing you feel,
And it is neither wrong nor a symptom of "dysbalance of chakras" or of some mental illness, to have such feelings and even to cry because of them.

In past times tears of that kind were deemed holy, at least among Catholics (NB in Hindu culture similar traits can be found, its Bhajan songs repeatedly mention "tears of love").

When I looked up today, the "random spiritual quote" there came from an Indian master (Nisargadatta Maharaj).
It said that the first step to Liberation (i.e. Eternal Bliss) is to be aware of the pain and suffering inside and around oneself, because this will create a strong desire for spiritual awakening, and "this desire itself will be your guide, you need nothing else to guide you".

I would add that it also should create a strong desire to help - to mend one's own issues, and to give a helping hand to others no matter how small the good deeds may be which one is able to do. For the Law of Karma reigns all living beings; whatever good you do will be returned to you and whatever bad you afflict to others will return to you too. Only if you do more good than bad in daily life, your path can lead to Eternal Life. And the more creatures you gave help, the more souls will pray for you!

Thus learn to keep your eyes open for occasions to do good. For example, if you see a ladybug or a bee drowning in a pool, take it out to save its life, and if you see a kid being harassed ("mobbed") in the schoolyard, or something like that, do intervene and restore Order... Even if you get harassed too afterwards.

And NEVER let anyone talk you into despising your feelings, and your tears... They are a gift, don't lose them to be "normal", "cool" or "popular".

The worst temptation for a goodwilled person is the desire to be acknowledged by the "mainstream". For the mainstream consists of ignorant persons, of souls still living in kindergarten. You already are in a further advanced stage so don't lower yourself to adopt kindergarten structures just for your image!

I know everyone of our kind will fall into this trap for one or several times during life.
But one can always restore one's true self again afterwards - as long as one keeps one's sanity and freedom...

And this is the second thing I got to add: in order not to lose those basics of a spiritual life, keep away from false criminal "friends", promiscuity, and drugging, the main dangers for freedom and sanity.

Even if you ever happen to get into evil circumstances of life, as addiction, never deem yourself lost. I once read about a man who said "my spiritual path was drinking and doing drugs, for sixteen years, I thought I were lost but one morning I awoke free from all craving for alcohol and dope, to my big surprise, and a new and better part of my life began." God's ways are miraculous, and no one is excluded from the possibility of miracles. But all the same, it is better not to give God the trouble of having to do a miracle to save you... He/She/It got enough work to do without that... Understand? 😊
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
Please look up "10% brain myth" in Wikipedia or other sources.

Other than that, while we do probably use more than such a small percent of our brains, there have been cases of people surviving and leading normal lies with little to no brain.

I agree with what you say about being kept ignorant. All of our information about what goes on in the world comes from either very controlled sources or the internet. While the internet might contain the truth, filtering it out can be hard. Almost anything that one has not experienced firsthand could technically be untrue. Also, most people don't really care, and even if they do, they don't want to do the necessary research to confirm whether something they're used to taking for granted is true or not. Like the 10% brain myth that so many people reference. (And no, I haven't actually looked at any credible sources, just Wikipedia...)
songwhisper299 (5 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
[at] turtlephobic I don't think you understand the human brain or what I was talking about
songwhisper299 (5 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
[at] AnneV Thank you for the answer, I know understand why I cry

[at] TheBackofmycalling Thanks for sharing your expirence, hope your journey in wisdom is a joyful one.

[at] WhenTheWindWhispers Thank you for giving me your story, gives me an option to think about myself.

[at] turtlephobic...The human brain is actually to complex to understand yet, we don't know how much of the human brain we use...
turtlephobic (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-05)
The only info I can give is we actually use 100% of our brains. Let me take half of your brain and see if you still live. -_-
WhenTheWindWhispers (6 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
I think I might be an empath, and so have the abilities to feel other organism's (humans, animals, plants, etc.) feelings. I get emotional sometimes when thinking about certain topics as well, such as dying (although that might make me sound over-emotional, to cry whenever I hear someone is dying; this is not the case).

Perhaps you are an empath of the supernatural? I hope I helped; I feel as though I rambled. Good luck with your journey to find the origin of these feelings.
TheBackOfMyCeiling (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
Hi Songwhisper,

I am very much like you about knowing about the truth, it seems like this is all I do since highschool. I passed a lot of stages in order to try and know it. I ask all the time why. And I think that this "why" is the key to understanding people and also knowledge. I mostly try to reach the truth by analysing things around me, other people's behaviors, through that I feel that I'm getting wiser and wiser, while the people around me become more understandable, but not to themselves, but to me.

I got to the conclusion that they indulge themselves in this material world, but it doesn't mean they are more stupid than I am, they just choose to block the truth. The truth, like Plato said, is actually within oneself. Means, everyone of us is the truth, and if you look into yourself, you'll find truth, because you are truth.

Hope that helps.

PS: You can use theories of other people, but you will probably receive their conclusion as "information" and not "knowledge", I think that you can recieve knowledge and accept knowledge only from within yourself. Good luck!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-04-04)
I literally had to go back and check your age while I was editing this post. For a young adult such as yourself asking these questions is quite amazing.

You cry because you're aware. You have enough instinct and common sense to know that this whole world that is being shown us is an illusion and that <pause> if this is only a small fraction of our reality and potential, then the possibilities are limitless. You're now in a free mind and I hope you keep it this way before you let peers, people in power, and even mainstream fear-based religion take you on a self induced limited course. You, as are all of us, are capable of creating miracles.

People, before they spiritually develop, are separatists. It's "us versus them", "this color versus that color", "this nation or religion against that one". And if aliens landed it would be the world against them. You're right, we don't know about other cultures and countries because frankly, most people don't care as long as their own needs are being taken care of and their entertainment quota is filled.

Only over the last few years, and ever so slowly, is mankind waking up. But at the rate we're destroying this planet, we may have to continue this lesson in another classroom but since we are eternal, let's not focus too much on that.

Your truth will be different than someone else's. This is because we are all unique. It's like the atheist who "knows" that God does not exist or the Christian that "knows" that God exists. A scientist will tell me he knows time travel does not exist yet I time travel all of the time. So don't limit your beliefs to what you read or hear. Find your own truths. Sure, you can read what's out there but stay open to an ever expanding paradigm. You may create a new truth for humanity that has yet to be unveiled!

Thanks for sharing.

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