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Do Similar Experiences Mean Anything?


It all stated when I just moved in this house. We were the first people to move in this house, so no ghost. But one day I was home alone and I heard A scream! I ran downstairs scared. Not only that but I saw a shadow man three times and the house. That was then, today nothing seems to happen. My dreams are strange, REALLY strange as in random. But it always has to do with tomorrow, I usually remember my dreams and at the end of the day it seems connected. Sometimes I can't figure it out. One time in first grade I had a crush on a boy and I had a dream about him saying he liked me back. The next day I found out he liked me back! My family has supernatural powers. Only on my moms side. My mom told me her grandma could predict the future. She said she used to know who was calling before the phone ring and who it was. (keep in mind there was no caller id back then) My great-grandma predicted he death and told my mom when she was little. It was on a Sunday. My mom remembered and was amazed my mom can read minds, I remember that when I was little she used to read our minds. Me and my mom and bro were staying at a hotel and me and my brother didn't believe she could do it (we were little) so she told us to think anything we want, we did and she guessed it right the first try. My brother doesn't remember it but I do. She can't read minds anymore. Sometimes I get deja vu every once and a while. I always have coincidence. One time I found out about this special on a show that I never seen before, and a few days later it came on t.V!Stuff like that always happens and it still happens today. I always get or find out about stuff and a few days later somethings has always happen that has to do with it. What am I?

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skyslide (1 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-24)
Clairvoyance for sure. Would you like some help with it? I am clairvoyant and would gladly help! My e-mail is on my profile!

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