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Recently, and when I say recently I mean the last couple years, I've come to believe that I might be an empath. From what I know, an empath is someone who can feel other people's emotions and "heal," and in extreme cases feel physical pain? Right? I don't know about feeling physical pain, but feel other people's emotions I am almost sure of. And MAYBE healing. When I "heal" it's more like me focusing heat into my hands to make things such as bruises and headaches calm down.

Ever sinse I've become aware of this, my sleeping patterns have become messed up, and I've become almost Bi-polar because my emotions bounce around so much. It had gotten so bad for me, that I became enlisted in Online schooling because being around so many people made my emotions explode. Soon after I had to live with my boyfriend for enclosed reasons. My boyfriend is, with no doubt in my mind a medium. He knows it, I know it, and his family does. And until I had moved in, it hadn't been so bad for him. Lately though, he's been experiencing more sightings and actual physical things. Like being suffocated, or pushed. Scary stuff like that. Especially seeing something from his childhood, that from what I gather looks like an Ettercap. (a fictional creature, google it if you wonder) but less bug like.

Mostly, what I'm wondering is how I can help both of us control our "abilities," and I'm also wondering if I can be affecting him in some odd way and making him see it? Along with that thing, he sees tall or short, black figures, sometimes they aren't black and sometimes they are. Along with those other questions, I want to know if we are just crazy teens or if what we're experiencing is real. Thanks for reading this.

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