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It started about 2 years ago when I met a guy on a website. He was very nice and funny. We seemed to have so much in common. Well I don't know a lot about astral stuff but one night I felt this extreme vibrations that came in my room? I really didn't understand what it was? But I was told afterwards that this guy had astraled to me? I was a bit freaked out! He seemed attracted to me. He kind of started to stalk me and I didn't know what to do. He wouldn't talk to me anymore on the computer he would just show up. But I feel more comes with him at times. I am never alone anymore. It feels like spirit and human? Well my abilities for sensing has gotten very clear. I sense smiles and I smile, facial features that become mine? I actually feel them on my face! I can ask a question and get answer because my head will shake yes or no! I am not really sure what to think? It feels like a control thing? Anyone have an idea? I am really at a loss?

I use stones and crystals to protect me some but they drain so fast! Like right now I feel like something is angry? But I want to tell this story so if other go through this they know they are not alone! So what can I do to help myself? How do you deal with a human and spirit together? I sage, I am a prayerful person. I feel vibrations inside me a lot! And I am shaking right now! I need advice. I am an empath, medium but can't really control it. I can't visualize! I feel like it's all been blocked. Got any clues! I don't want to upset him which I think I am doing. I want to help him. He has unusual abilities! I just don't know where to start! There is a lot more to this story but really can't put it all out there! Thanks for listening!

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IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Yes, Peaceful, I see I didn't read carefully enough.

I have really never heard of anyone who felt that their body (and facial features) were "controlled" by someone who was physical. Was he doing it to prove he could, or in order to make you happy?

I just couldn't tell if you liked this relationship or didn't.

Isle - Lora
peaceful (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Thank u! It does go a bit deeper with him but I have to set firm boundaries and do what's best for me also. Its been a learning experience that's for sure. Thanks again:)
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)

Boy,this sounds tough. I'm not an expert on this but have seen before and heard of other people doing "cord severing" exercises. Often it is people who draw energy from you or just control you.

But the key is YOU. You control who can or can't attach to you, but you need to be empowered, to believe this. It doesn't sound like you do now.

Pray (ask in your mind) for help from guides/helpers and specify "those who want for me only my greatest and highest development"--so that you contact only those who are truly "on your side". Then just ask for help in severing this relationship.

It sounds like you also are ambivalent about him--you sort of like the contact. But it is also possible to have that contact with guides and true incarnate entities that help you. This connection developed with some tacit acceptance from you, so you need to think about what you really want and then ask for it. They will help. Circumstances will change, opportunities will open up.

You need to learn to ground yourself and then protect--usually visualizing a bubble of energy (of whatever color feels most protective and calming to you) and then trust that you are protected.

Sending you positive energy for your own highest development. ❤


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