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My First Spirit Encounter


For years, I have had empathy and the ability to see emotions in words and from first contact with people. Sometimes however I don't even have to meet people directly to feel their emotions. I have had premonitions that have come true that have scared me. For the last few years I have had anxiety and depression that has either helped or been the cause of my ability to feel others emotions. I can't even go into a location without feeling some sort of emotion associated with the people or the place. I have had employment issues for years because I become detached or emotionally debilitated. Now for the last few years I have been hearing voices that I can't even explain. I have had my name called and heard dogs barking that weren't there. The newest thing has been the enhancement of my ability to hear spirit speaking. Long story short, we had a spirit of a little girl from 1863 here at our home. We contacted a group to help her crossover to the other side because she was lost. Before the crossing however, she and I literally ran into each other's energy. I can't explain all of it, but the feeling was amazing. I felt as though my body lit up like a christmas tree from my toes to my head. Ever since this, I have had this buzzing in my almost deaf right ear. Now, I have the ability to hear different spirit speak to me (unclear) because it mainly sounds like static. I however just this morning at 4-4:30am while laying in bed awake heard someone say "hello". The voice is one that I have never heard. It kind of frightened me at first. But now, I am thinking that it was my brother that passed in 1992.

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IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-22)

Just a comment: Sounds like rather than running into this little girl from 1863 that she was thanking you, blessing you with a wash of positive energy. And that has given you increased energy.

She was probably thankful that you helped her to move on.

Isle - Lora

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