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The Dream That Came True


O.K. Here it is, First of all let me explain that I'm the biggest skeptic there is and I'm not the one to believe anything, unless I can feel it and touch it, so this really blew my mind. When I was nineteen, I had a dream of my normal morning ritual, you know, shower then teeth and so on. Right down to tying my shoes. I was running a little late in my dream so I was moving pretty fast. I got in my car and started it. I let the car warm a little it was cold that morning. Listing my favorite morning show, I headed out down 15th towards Franklin Ave. At Franklin Ave. I took a left and headed toward Bloomington Ave. At Bloomington Ave. I took a right heading towards 24th at 24th I took a left heading for highway 94 west, there is only one light before 94 that is at Cedar Ave. Two blocks down. Right by the Little Earth Housing Development. Now up to this point the lights have been in my favor so I'm cruising right a long when the light at Cedar Ave. Turned yellow and because I was running late I sped up went through the light and to my surprise there were two little kid boy's in the middle of the street. I guess one was seven or eight, he was holding the hand of the younger one, I guess he was probably three. I hit the brakes so hard I hurt my ankle. I just stopped inches in front the boy's. I was so mad, I rolled my window down and yelled at the boy's as loud as I could. It seemed like I yelled at them for a while. "What in the h#ll are you doing out here at this time of morning." And so on. When I was done yelling the older boy adjusts his hand on the younger boy's hand and they walk off as I stare at them for a minute. Then I woke up. I sat up and thought what a weird dream. I looked at the clock and I was behind, so I rush the shower and teeth. Run out to the car, start it, let it run for a minute, it was cold. So I traveled my normal path to get to work. I was listing to my favorite morning show. All the lights were going in my favor and I got this weird feeling because I heard that morning show before, but I thought that's impossible they do there show live. Déjà vu sets in and as I get to Cedar Ave. The light turns yellow, so I put my foot over the break, went through the light and hit the brakes, There they were. Two boys standing in the middle of the road I could not believe my eyes. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was having an attic. I could do nothing but stare at the boy's. They stood there for what seemed to be forever, in reality it was probably 30 seconds. The older boy grabbed the younger boy's hand and walked off. I had to pull over to the side and calm down. I kept asking myself, "did this really happen."

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PathR (4 stories) (1245 posts)
8 years ago (2012-07-07)
Wicca is based on working and aligning with the elements.

But in NA Tradition is is believed to be Grandfather
Or Grandmother. And if you google you can find out
Some more information.

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