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Precognitive Dreaming And Voices


Ever since preschool I have had precognitive dreams. The first one I remember is two minutes of play time at a table with a sandbox in it. I was sitting at the table and wanted to share a little conveyor toy a friend was playing with. I thought this was a moment that had already happened, but felt chilled when it happened the next day at preschool. My friend and I were wearing the same clothes and everyone was in the exact same place I remembered. Instead of asking to play with the toy I told him this happened already. He looked at me funny, but asked me how I knew. I told him everything, even that he did not want to share the toy, I could see in his face that he knew he wouldn't have shared if I asked him. I told my mom after preschool. She told me not to be afraid, people are different in lots of ways and this is one of them. I tell my family about most of the dreams, the ones that happen at home. The rest I keep to myself. As I got older the span from dream to the actual event expanded to months apart. Some of them feel like moments that I have already lived, until I get that chill, or rush as that trigger event causes me to stop and recall every detail milliseconds before they happen. If the dream is ten minutes or less of real time I can recall everything that happens, what people say, the time and day, clothes, the memories I was having before the trigger, and what everyone around me within about 30 feet around, if outside, or the whole room if inside. If the dream is any longer I can recall the trigger, memories before trigger, and roughly what should happen. Lately I have had dreams of 4 or 5 minutes and all of it is everyday events that blur into reality, I have a hard time telling if I actually lived that moment or it is a memory of a precognitive dream.

I have never felt like I was a freak, and everyone else is normal. I felt like I was someone who had something special that few others get to experience. I love meeting others like me, and seeing the joy of another person like me when we swap stories. I can usually tell by the way they use descriptions I use when explaining the trigger and other memories they recall of the event.

As for voices, I have only heard a whisper, once. I was home from school, sick. I woke up before my mom left for work. She was at the family computer downstairs. I went upstairs to get breakfast. As I walked over to the living room window, the curtain was down and I wanted to open it to let in the small amount of light instead of turning on the bright living room lights, I froze for no reason before opening it. My fight or flight response kicked in for what seemed like no reason. My hair stood on end, Goosebumps appeared everywhere on my body, and my senses went into overdrive. Just a second after that a low whisper came into my left hear as if my mom was standing a foot behind me. It said "It's snowing" in a drawn out four second hiss like whisper. I jumped and said "stop it mom" loud enough for her to yell from downstairs "stop what?". When my skin stopped crawling several seconds later, I opened the curtain as snow began to fall. I told my mom a few minutes later, she said it wasn't supposed to snow until later in the week. This never felt like a ghost or spirit, for some reason it felt like my brain working out how my subconscious could inform my consciousness information it already new in the least confusing way it could. Everyone thinks some outside force told me, like a ghost or mothman or something, but I don't think so. I had no trigger event like my precognitive dreams or any of the things I remember about them happen either.

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cancermoon (2 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-04)
I've had similar experiences with voices and sounds. One time in school, I heard the phone ringing and no one else seemed to be paying attention enough to hear it so I shouted "Is anyone going to answer that phone?". My friend sitting next to me said "Hannah, there's no phone ringing." And everyone in the class got a good chuckle. But about 30 seconds later, as soon as everyone was done laughing, the phone rang and everyone just gave me this look, ranging from disbelief to amazement. However, the fact that you've only ever had it happen once, and the fact that it sounded like it did I would probably say it was a spirit as well. Whenever I've heard anything it sounds normal; a clear voice. But perhaps not, maybe your gift is expanding.

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