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I sometimes can sense things in my surroundings, for example I'm a bit of a slob so half of my bed is used as a table and I'll have my cell phone there and go to bed, so I will toss and turn at night so every things mixed up but when I reach for it I'll just grab it (or dig it out) even if it's in a completely different spot and I never have to search for it.

I also wear glasses and I fall asleep in them all the time so I find them every were, but I never have to search even if they windup under the bed I know exactly where they are. I can do this with a good number of items (even if I haven't used or even seen them for a few months) although there mostly items I know well and use a lot ex. My cell phone.

I can also sense when my family pulls up in the drive way and go out to greet them even though there's no physical way I can know, I mean I'll be listening to music while playing a video game in the living room (its on the other side of the house its impossible to see the street from there) not even thinking about them.

Also I will meet someone and instantly get like a vibe from them like what their basic personality is, as if you were to have talked to them for a long while or if you had been around them for a while I don't it's hard to describe, but whenever I tell someone's who actually knows them I'm right about their personality.

Another odd thing is that I'm really good with animals that are super standoffish. Also cats that absolutely hate being picked up will come to me and I can just pick them up and they'll purr away, and the owner is completely shocked by it, although I do try to put off a positive feel

The only thing my mother ever says in terms of this is to trust your instincts, apparently they've saved her a few times like at party's where the cops show up right after she leaves and stuff like that (she's not a druggy or anything like that)

Well that's my story thanks for reading.

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Capricorn (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-03)
Hey zan!
So even though my gifts are a little different, (I feel spirits and such) I also get vibes from people and I do very well with animals, usually cats. I know I only just decided to accept my gift, but if you want someone to talk to about it email me at beebeblogger [at] I can't share my abilities with them because they would think I am mad, but anywhoo let me know if you want to talk about your gifts. I am sure I can only offer minimal help, but having someone to talk to about it really helps.
Capricorn 😊

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