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A Bit Of Empathy, Premonition, And... Healing?


Where does it all begin? I find myself asking this as I sit before the blank box on my screen now. I suppose the first of my odd experiences comes from what I have been told are premonitions, dreams that have become true down to the very detail. Usually these dreams consist of simple things, like conversations. The most interesting example I can think of is from when I was in grade school. I had a dream where the teacher was passing back tests, and I got a 95. That day, we had a pop quiz. Guess what grade I ended up with? Other instances include getting lost in an entirely unfamiliar area, and able to follow my instincts to find my way home, often finding the fastest path there.

Next, I'll try to explain my brush with healing. This one, I hesitate to share for the simple fact that it is so far untested on anyone other than myself, so part of it could be the placebo effect. It works because I think it works. I essentially feel the flow of energy within myself, and direct it towards one of my hands. Each hand has a noticeably different effect. When I flow my energy through my right hand, the sensation caused feels like a cold breeze blowing between my fingertips. When I then press my hand to a wound, the pain vanishes temporarily. Sometimes for up to a couple hours. When I direct energy to my left hand, and this one I know is not simply placebo, the sensation mimics static electricity, but on a more extreme scale. This hand makes wounds heal faster.

With the latter, I actually did this in the presence of someone very close to me. She was sitting on my left, and when I later told her what I was doing she went quiet for a moment before telling me that her right arm (Which was closer to me than the rest of her body) felt like she had just been shocked while I was "moving my energy". So at the very least, the sensation is real. Of course, in this same instance I was healing a bite mark which was deep enough that it should have been noticeable for days. Less than half an hour after I tried to "heal" it, it was gone without a trace. I have a couple theories about the so called healing, but this may not be the place to write them down. If you would like to know, simply ask.

Finally, and the part I find most confusing, would be my brushes with empathy. I have always been good at reading people when I am calm, but that alone doesn't mean much. At this very moment, I am involved in some sort of emotional link with a close friend of mine. I can often feel what they feel, and they can often feel what I feel, though the feelings do feel slightly foreign. The interesting part about this? We met online, and have yet to even meet face to face. We are separated by close to 1000 miles, and yet thanks to our link we probably know each other more intimately than any other. This actually leads well into another frightening example. While I was talking with this person, someone else made me more angry than I have ever been before. I kept control of it, but looking back that may have actually made things worse. They felt it, but from what I was told it was not simply emotion. It caused pain. Even more than that, they were not the only one to feel it. The person that had made me angry felt it, my girlfriend (who had been asleep until then) felt it too. Two of the three explained what they felt to me, and described it as feeling like a fire had been lit inside of their chest. So apparently I can make people feel my emotions as well, even to the point of causing pain unintentionally. Of course the first has even more basis, where my mother has known I was upset because she "could feel [my] stress coming off in waves". Now lastly for empathy, and perhaps the one that makes the least amount of sense, is that I was once able to taste emotion. Yes, you read right, taste. This one is even difficult to explain. When I had my first kiss, which I somewhat shamefully admit was just earlier this year, I noticed the oddest taste on my girlfriend's lips. Later, when I thought back on this, I tried to identify the taste. It seemed bitter-sweet, with a few other tastes mixed in. Talk about a leap of logic, but my thoughts instantly jumped to tears of happiness. Literally, the thought was "The bitterness of tears mixed with the sweet taste of joy." I asked her about it that night, and she said she actually had tears in her eyes at the time, but blinked them away before I could see.

Now then, doubling back to that link for a moment, me and this friend of mine are not unable to isolate ourselves if we want to. We can shield ourselves from the other, something they do much more often. I cannot speak for what method they use exactly, other than the fact that they have alluded to using the same method I have once or twice. I visualize a wall or tower of stone surrounding myself, and suddenly I am alone in my own mind and feelings. But I must make myself "see" the stone, or else it will not work. But whether this is because I have an easier time believing in something I can see or not, I do not know. There is one problem with this however. When one of us shields, it causes pain in the other. For myself, it takes the form of a headache, affecting just the front of my head, focused towards the middle. I have yet to try and find out what that part of the brain is in charge of, something I have intended to do for awhile. The first time I shielded, I asked if it affected my friend the same way, to which they replied it did.

So questions, comments, suggestions?

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Ashito (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-24)
A bit of an update and stuff I missed. I do not believe it is enough for a new article, but we'll see. One thing I forgot to mention, which actually happened a day before I wrote the above entry, is that I attempted to take anger away from the friend I had a connection with. Moments after I tried, I realised I did not dig deep enough, but the results were still interesting. I was able to try this twice, both with similar reults. I drew what appeared to be a red mist from their mouth, and lead it into my chest by thought. As soon as it entered my chest, I felt a warmth so sudden that it caught my breath in a gasp. When I tried to do it a third time, after realising I had not been taking enough, they shielded from me. The connection was closed so suddenly, and my energy seemed to vanish so immediately, that I could not even sit up for a period of close to ten minutes.

Last night, I had what I believe was my first brush with an orb. A pinpoint of light appeared within my field of vision, but when I looked directly at it, the light vanished. If it had not been for the color, a bright and almost sky blue in an otherwise dark room, I would have thought it was a firefly. Of course, for the next few hours afterwards it felt and looked like the shadows were alive. Mind you, I have not been afraid of the dark for over a decade and yet I was frozen in fright.

Now then, thanks to the comment by Islvoter, I attempted to send images to someone just earlier today, with some odd results. I tried twice, and the first time I closed my eyes to better focus on the image I was making in my mind. The result was far from expected. She temporarily lost her sight. Thinking about this, I thought perhaps she was seeing what my eyes saw, darkness. So I instead focused on an object in the room, and tried to re-establish the connection. It happened to be one of those Beenie Baby stuffed animals. She did not get that image, but she did feel the urge to look up Beenie Babies on the computer.

More and more odd by the day.
Ashito (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-23)
Wow, publishing and comments happened much faster than I expected!

[at] fuzzydragon: To try an elaborate on the healing... I discovered it while, of all things, trying to imitate Naruto. I first did it with my right hand, and was amazed when I felt a cold wind weaving through my fingertips on an otherwise very calm day. Later that day, I ended up falling and scraping my left arm. When I tried to duplicate the effect I had gotten earlier, the pain distracted me and I placed my right hand to the cuts. The pain vanished for about half an hour. The effect of my left hand is newly discovered.

As for my thoughts on the cause, I suppose I've taken a scientific approach. Cold is the absense of energy, and so I believe that my right hand may be sucking energy into my body. By removing the subtle electric signals to the nerves, it may be negating pain. As for my left, it may be emitting energy, stimulating cells to make them regenerate faster.

[at] IslVoter: I do not know of any instance where I have given images to another person, however I have received them on one instance I can think of. The same friend I mentioned above was having suicidal thoughts, but had not mentioned them. I suddenly became terrified and saw images of knives. I asked them what they were thinking, and sure enough they were thinking of stabbing themselves.
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-23)

You touch on a lot of interesting subjects. I wouldn't be surprised if you are more than clairsentient. There is a term I read somewhere about those who can project their feelings to others as well as receive them. I wonder if you can transmit scenes or images to other people? It does sound like you have many strengths to draw from.

As to the healing, I've read somewhere (can't remember where) that left hand receives energy/information and right hand sends it (assumably for right-handed people).

I can't really test this myself because much of the energy to my arms and hands is blocked right now. But it seems to make sense to me. And it makes sense that the sensations you and others get are different. So, you might be tailoring your healing depending on what would be best for the "patient"--removing excess energy or adding energy.

Be sure you get in the habit of passing energy/healing from Source through your crown into the recipient or else you will deplete yourself in the healing. Just might be something to experiment with as well.

I have also read that true healing is a person working with a apiritual entity. Again, it's really not an area I know much about.

Just keep on doing what you're doing--you've come a long way already.

Isle _ Lora
fuzzydragon (3 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-23)

Very interesting story, I must say! The part on healing especially caught my attention. Could you elaborate some?

A friend of mine and I have had a few incidents ourselves when a wound healed much faster than it should have, and I'm curious to your method. 😊

-- fuzzydragon

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