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Unusual Experiences And Confused


When I was 8 I dream a very bright light and saw a man wearing black. I told my mom about it but she said it was a vision. I'm 33 and this vision keep playing back in my head again. One of my experience I dream about my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me. One night I was sleeping and I dream I walked down the hallway, turned off the tv and straight to the patio and caught my boyfriend on the phone with his ex. What's weird about it I felt someone woke me up from my sleep same night and I found myself doing exact what was in my dream very detail but all true. I have strong pain like someone is stabbing me in the stomach when something bad is about to happen. One day after paying bills we didn't have enough money for 2 weeks my husband was stress out and worried. He's been waiting on his tax return for almost 2 months but never got it. When we drove home I just knew his tax was in the mail. I don't know how but I just knew it. I told him as we pulled to park to get his check in the mail, he looked at me as I'm crazy, keep it short it was in the mail. Another one when I was at the casino I was losing about $50 left I suddenly had like a snap shot of an image of one slot that will make me win. This image appear and disappeared so fast and I sat at the very same slot and won $800. I can also read people moods just by seeing that person I can't control it. I just got hired from this new job working nights and I feel like someone is watching me. I see things at the corner of my eye but when I turned around there's nothing. Now I get to the point where I think all my experiences makes me kind of crazy.

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