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Gift of Foresight


My parents came to visit one christmas. We had a wonderful time together. When my parents were leaving, Dad backed the car out of the drive and paused on the road to wave to us. I sensed something at that moment and as he drove away, I turned to my ex husband and said that I was never going to see Dad again. My ex was astonished and said that I was talking nonsense. Three days later I received a call from my sister in law to tell me that my father had passed away from a heart attack.

I was fast asleep one night. We lived rural so it was way out of town. I was woken by a knocking on the door I thought that I was just dreaming and slipped back to sleep. A few minutes later the knocking started again quite loudly. I woke fully this time and listened to the knocking. I couldn't figure out why my three dogs hadn't barked at the visitor and it was 1:30 in the morning. I threw the covers off, got out of bed and wondered why someone would have been knocking on the door at that time of night. I stomped out to the door, threw it open and there was no one there. At the time I was trying to contact my uncle whom I was close to as a child, I felt that it was important to talk to him and reconnect. A week after the death knock my uncle passed away.

I have had the gift of foresight all of my life. As a child I dreamt of flying over large cities, I was four years old at the time. And there was no television in our home. One night in my 20s I was dreaming but it wasn't a dream, I was sitting on a balcony railing watching a man adjust lights during a storm, I wondered as I watched him why he would be out in a storm on a wet balcony. Well he slipped and fell to the ground below. He fell across the gutter but I knew he was ok

In the vision I saw large fig trees across the road. A couple, who knows why, were out walking a dog at that time of night and found the man. I called my mother the next morning and asked her about my brother as I thought it was him in the dream. My mother called me back a few hours later to tell me the manager of the Criterion Hotel in Townsville had fallen during a storm from the balcony and a couple had found him, there are curtain fig trees growing across the road from the hotel. Incidentally my brother started working at the hotel 6 months later.

Townsville is my home city I grew up there and I lived over 400 ks away when this Astral Flight happened to me.

As far as being able to harness my gifts I have as yet not been able it comes to me to protect me at times of danger in the form of feelings and foreboding. I tune into those I care and love and I have known many times when my children have needed me for comfort or support and my three oldest children have inherited my gift. More so my oldest son. It has in fact saved my life more then once. I could tell you dozens of incidents that have happened to me. I learnt as a young child that I was different to a lot of people and I have embraced my gift.

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deathtaker26 (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-21)
😕 yeah but this is common peaople on the new have this all the time some say its a gift women have most of the time its for a sybling or a child usualy not for the parents some people can feel there pain as well but what I have is different when I'm asleep and some one else on here has this too but when ij asleep I see the future il wake up and il forget all about it days later the event I saw happens then,,,, I remember I saw it in a dream about 10min before the event takes place 🤔
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-13)
Gypsie - I'm a little bit of a newbie here, a few months, but it seems you are a visual person. I don't really have any advice or comments. It helped me to realize that I'm a "feeling" person quite a bit and a little visual and auditory. Mostly feeling I think. Do you think you are more visually sensitive?

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