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I See Things I Don't Want To See


I've been able to do this for a long time now, but ever since the latest incident, I've forced myself to stop it and I've blocked it out of my mind. But for some reason, I just can't stop it. It's really hard to explain and this may seem like complete nonsense, but I project what I see in films, books and even photos into reality. It first started with me reading too many story books and whenever I went to a quiet place with practically no one there, I always heard my name being called; it was either from far away or right in my ear.

Another time was earlier this year and all the lights were off in the house beside the living room where the rest of the family was. I thought it would be funny to watch some creepy shows since I like the thrill that scary movies give you. Anyway, I excused myself so I could go to the bathroom which was in the dark hallway. Once I got out, I remembered one of the scenes that happened in the movie, the girl got pushed and landed onto the floor. The next thing I knew I felt hands on my side and then I landed on the floor. I was not imagining things.

The scariest one was a couple of months ago, before I joined this website; this one was the one that nearly made me scream. That day I watched one of the screams, the one that I'd already seen a couple of times so I was hardly scared. It was a Friday night and I got into bed at about half past 11; I recently got a new room which is at the front of the house and I felt really comfortable in it since the room I was staying in had a small 'shrine' which had a golden Buddha sitting in it. I closed my door like I do every night - I really don't like open doors, I always feel like something could come out- and was near to step into sleep, the man in my dreams was there and it was as if he had his hand open out to me, and if I took it then I was sure to fall into a deep slumber, but then I turned my head to my door. I heard footsteps. I decided to ignore it so I laid back down as if he was next to me. It's like he guards me and then guides me through my dreams, but I got the sense that he was glaring at the door. Now, sometimes I really do refuse to admit that I have someone like him who looks after me, and this moment was no exception. I looked from him to the door then rolled my eyes. "I'm just imagining this." And with that I curled up and put the sheets over my head. After a couple of minutes, I actually thought I was imagining things because all I heard was silence, until I heard the same thing again. And no matter how hard I tried to make them stop, they wouldn't. Whenever I covered my ears with my hands, the footsteps seemed to have gotten louder. I finally had enough so I decided to check if my mum was awake and on the computer. But when I went to check, all the lights were off and my family were sound asleep. I turned the lights to see if anyone was in the house. Nobody. I walked back to my room and hugged the sheets to my body. The sound kept getting louder and louder, this went on for 2 hours! I only got about 20 minutes worth of sleep before I woke up due to my door, opening! I glared at the door, thinking that my sister was there but then I saw that I was only opening about 10cm, enough for a hand to sneak through. And that's exactly what I saw. I couldn't even blink, I was so scared. The door then started to creak open more, and more, right up to the point that a human slid through the gap and was standing in my room. I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind, (the man in my dreams) he was glaring at the figure in my room. Now this is the scary part, the figure was ghost face, from the film that I was watching earlier that night; Scream. The figure put its hand in its pocket and right there; he slipped out a knife and brought it out, just how ghost face does. I started to cry out of fear; I opened my mouth so I could scream but before I could utter the high note, my 'guardian' pulled me toward him so I couldn't move before he clasped his large, warm hand over my mouth and before I knew it, my eyes closed and I can't remember anything after that. When I woke up, my body felt unusually cold which was weird considering that my room is the warmest in the house. I ran down the stairs in my dressing gown, being careful so I wouldn't wake up my family and sat on the sofa in the living room. It was freezing, well my body was anyway, and as if the world new this, I felt a warm aura or energy surround me. I smiled to myself and before I knew, I fell asleep yet again.

The latest one was nearly as terrifying, for some fun, me and my sister decided to watch the Japanese horror 'The Ring'. It wasn't really the best idea. I was so paranoid and I refused to look into my mirror, I got so frightened that I actually slept in my parents room, and even then I couldn't sleep until about 2 in the morning! I don't have a fear with horrors, I seriously don't, I expected the same thing to happen when I finished watching the second "Chakshin Ari" - which scared me, really bad- but I slept really well due to the unusual warmth that I was receiving. I watch all three of the films and I slept fine, I'll admit I did get a bit freaked out after but other than that, I was fine. The earliest experience of this would be when I saw the weeping angle episode of Doctor.Who. I slept in my parent's room that night and out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the angels in the room, and like in the film, every time I looked away or blinked, it would move. It was right up in my face before my dad got out of the bathroom making it disappear. The same thing happened on my school trip to France, during one night I saw in the middle of my room, a dark figure, and the room was pitch black, with only the moonlight to use as a light source. I got freaked out and the next day, one of my best friends - I'll call her Hotaru here- asked me if I saw the shadow, I told that I did and before I knew, Me, my twin sister, Hotaru and Ai had all agreed that we saw the same thing, but the thing is, I always have this feeling that I was the one who made it appear there.

That's most of the experiences that I have been through with this topic, I've already gotten some advice on how to cope with this 'problem' or 'ability' and so far, it has worked, but not very well. Its good advice, but I just can't do it. Can anyone help me? It's been a serious issue and I've never told anyone about it. I really want help with this; I've been experiencing all of this ever since a young age and I've had enough! I'm going to be starting the 9th grade and I don't want this problem to interfere with school. Please, I really need help, or at least some good advice.

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TheWhiteOrchid (2 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-01)
Wow! You such a great writer.

Perhaps you are just creating things from your imagination, it would be quite difficult to pull horror movies into reality.

Have you tried thinking good, positive thoughts whenever they visit? I do that when I get scared over something. Think about your friends,family,funny TV shows, a pet,anything.The positivity will make those creatures disappear.
amayaxmusic1 (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-31)

Vibrational state higher? 😲 I'm sorry, the moment I read that I got confused! DX Oh OK, I think I get it now... OK I don't get it. Sorry! I'm not really good in science or things like that.

Yeah, the thing is I can't stop watching them! Also, my twin sister forces me to watch them so I can't really say no; my mum is a huge horror fanatic so she gets me to watch some horror movies. It sometimes stops, I know it's a bit weird but it sometimes stops. The thing is whenever it does stop -as in, no matter how many horror movies I watch, nothing comes up in the night- I always feel like someone is glaring at me in the back. Right now as I'm typing this, it's like somone's glaring daggers at me, it sometimes feels like a hand. The bathroom is the scariest, last night when I was in the bathroom, it was about half past 10 because there are three girls in the family and only one bathroom and I'm usually the last to go in. Anyway, when I was getting dressed, I felt like someone was looking at me; I turned around and there was no one there. Now, this may seem really weird but even though I love mirrors, I hate looking into some. (This fear was developed before I saw 'The Ring' by the way) It was last night when I had the courage to look into the bathroom mirror, but when I did I felt a really unpleasant shiver. This happens both day and night time. You know I never thought of that. Make a unicorn appear in my room! I'll let you know if I can make it happen, the thing is; I don't actually manifest what I see on purpose, it all happens unexpectedly, and besides; I actually have no idea how I do this but I always no that I'm the person who made it happen.

Oh my, really? 😆 Thank you very much! Oh, and also I'm already taking 'advantage' of my writing, I write stories for 3 websites. I get a lot of reviewes, especially for my romance novels depsite the face that I've never been in a relationship. Ehehe, 13 isn't that young is it? ^^" Ahh parents, if only they actually listened to me. Well that's a totally different subject but thank you for your advice and your lovely compliments! They really keep me going (especially for my writing). It's nice to know. Thank you.

AnneV (4 stories) (1048 posts) mod
8 years ago (2012-08-30)
You may be of a vibrational state (higher) than what is in the physical and I speak from experience when I say that form follows thought in the astral (see, my sister site). You very well may be creating these post movie beings all on your own and can see them because your band of frequencies are higher than others.

You may consider not watching so many scary movies (I love them too so I know that would be hard to say no to) and instead dabble a bit more in ones that are more elevated in theme. That is, if you don't want the negative aspect of your ability to keep you up at night. Also, consider getting creative. If you have the ability to manifest what you watch, why not manifest something really cool like a wizard, unicorn, a religious figure you admire, etc. Might be kind of neat and I know we'd like to hear about it. If you're seeing what you don't want to see, then reinvent yourself with what you do want to see.

On a totally separate note, you write very well. I hope you pursue this ability as it's rare to see such stellar writing from someone so young (heck, anyone!). You'd make any parent proud!


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