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3 Sisters


This past Easter 2012, we had what we like to call a 'Gathering of the Clan'. Not a large one according to historical events, but our children, and our children's' children. Ten members of the family, all under one roof. It felt so good. All of us, sitting around in our middle daughter's lounge and dining room (open plan), munching on supper and 'shooting the breeze'.

Raylene had opened her house in Port Elizabeth to us, for the second year in a row. The conversation turned to the paranormal, how I had discovered YGS, and the events I had written about. All of my tales were 'old hat' to our three daughters, but our four grand-children listened with varying degrees of disbelief or surprise on their faces.

To my surprise, (and glee) each of our three daughters had a paranormal tale of their own to add.


Nicky, the eldest, stated that she had dreams that had come to pass. She had been contemplating getting another dog, to replace the one that she had tragically 'lost'. Toffee, her remaining dog, was lonely and needed a mate.

One night, Nicky dreamt about a small, shaggy dog - almost a carbon copy of Toffee - just another colour. When Nicky went to the Animal Shelter, there was the dog of her dream! Nicky and Toffee fell in love with Ash, at first sight! Ash and Toffee now preside over Nicky's home, keeping her warm at night.

On another occasion, Nicky had a dream about one of her work colleagues. In the dream, the young woman went out at lunch-time, to return with a box. She then came to Nicky, asking her to guess what she had bought. Nicky guessed."Boots!"

The next day, at work, the scene was re-enacted! The colleague was so surprised when Nicky told her of the dream.

Raylene, our 'middle' daughter, had a completely different story to tell.

Years ago, Raylene and Arthur, along with their three children, moved to the coast. Arthur had been in a mine accident, here on the Reef, and found the climate in Port Elizabeth more agreeable to his health. With the payout from the mine, they were able to buy a house. This house was second-hand.

One morning, just after their eldest son walked to the school bus-stop (right in front of their house), Arthur heard a laugh. As Arthur described it, not a normal laugh, but like those 'laughing bags' that one used to get.

Arthur searched high and low. Still hearing the laughing. Never to discover the source! He went to Raylene, who was in the kitchen, to tell her about this weird occurrence. He started off by saying, "I want to tell you something really strange." Raylene cut him off by saying, "I want to tell YOU something freaky"! "I was here, facing the sink, when I heard the sound of plates crashing, behind me. I whipped around, and nothing., no plates, nobody behind me!"

Arthur then related the story of the 'laughing bag' to her. Both were shocked, at each other's accounts

Arthur went on to tell us, how outraged he became. He said that he went to open all the doors and windows in the house. Stomping through the house, telling 'whatever it was', to F*** off, out of their home, and leave them alone! It worked! No more crazy laughing. No more crashing plates!

Angel, our youngest daughter, then gave her account.

While Angel was touring, over-sees ('91-2), she remembered having a vivid dream. She dreamt of giving birth to a baby girl. As she watched, this baby with big blue eyes and dark hair crept up her, towards her chest. She said that she remembered wondering how it was possible. How could the baby have dark hair? When SHE was born, she had very blonde hair!

Anyway, Angel returned from her tour, and got married a few years later. While she was 'trying' for a baby, she had another vision/dream. She dreamt of a little girl - about five years old, with long, curly brown hair, wearing a long turquoise blue dress.

On 18th August 2004, that little girl was born. She has big blue eyes, dark hair, exactly as Angel had seen her in her first dream.

A few years later, Angel had been taking photos of the little girl; after she had printed them, and framed one, it dawned on her, that she had captured the exact image of her second vision/dream. I now have a photo of that little girl, wearing that long turquoise dress. Her name is Shenay, our youngest grand-daughter!

At the age of seven, it seems that Shenay is psychic; foretelling of events, only a short while before they happen. But, that is another story.

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Fergie1 (7 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-11)
Hi Ally, that is great! It is so amazing, when things like that come to pass.
I am glad that you liked my story. 😊

Thank you for reading, and leaving a lovely comment!
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-09)
Wow great story! I had a similar experience with Nicky's. I dreamt about my dog one day, not knowing I would get him. He was small with white curly hair and he was just walking around my kitchen in my dream. A few months later I found him and immediately fell in love with him.
Then after a few days the kicthen scene happened from my dream it was just amazing! 😊

Thank you for sharing your story.
Fergie1 (7 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-06)
Hi all, sorry, in my haste to load my 'story', I clicked the wrong box. I will definitely participate in the discussion!
If I caused any confusion, please accept my humble apologies.

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