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My First Encounter - My Eldest Sister


When I was a little girl all I could remember were terrible things happening between my parents. And my father was a scary person.

Everything started changing when I was 6 years old and I was in my bed and it was around 3am. I heard very faint footsteps from far, far away and it was coming closer and closer into my room. I thought it was one of my brothers or parents so I go into each room and I see them all sleeping. So I go back to bed but then the fainted foot steps are walking faintly around my room, and I hide under my blanket and it stops. I was very scared since this kept occurring nearly every night and room I slept in and it always happened around 3 to 4am. But it's presence was stronger in my room. It kept following me and I didn't understand why. So one day I tell my mum and dad but they don't understand. One time I had a dream and it was very clear and in colour. There was this (maybe around 20s) looking girl on the swing and both of us were wearing white. So I go up to her and hold her hands and she smiles at me. I felt as if I knew her from somewhere but I've never seen her before, but I felt so happy than ever before. We start walking on nice green grass and I'm still holding her hand. But I don't know where she's taking me and then I see a white light and then my mum wakes me up and the dream ends. One night I saw a very blurry shaped body walk into my room but I'm not scared. All it did was sit there and it disappeared.

I found out that it was my sister who died at birth and was just always protecting me from my father. People say I might be a physic but I'm unsure.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-09-06)
That is a very sweet story. They say before we are born we select our family members and they are often from the same soul group. Sounds like your sister was. How comforting to have that contact with her.

I didn't have a good parent either but the good news is that we grow up and then have choices. May yours always turn out well.

We all have psychic tendencies so there is truth to the fact that you may have some. It's all a matter of degrees.

Thanks for sharing.


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