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Past, Future, Jinn


For a long time now I have dreams, dreams that I can't make sense of sometimes but they come true like for example when I had a dream that a group of people were in my city, and I was with my friends I was equipping everyone with weapons and a fight broke out but I could not get to the fight because I was stuck behind bars that I could not get through, over or around, and then I woke up. Then a week later the edl came to my city I went out to protest like many others, and I was tired of all the walking so I went to go get some water and when I got back the police would not let me pass, because a fight had broke out and instantly I remembered my dream, but these type of things I'm used to now because I've had dreams like this since I was very young, also I have seen many paranormal things like jinn that is what ghosts are called in my religion, but they're not really ghosts but another type of species, human like but stronger, I've had quite a few experiences with them and it is definitely not fun. But I think today really in a way scared me, because today for the first time without me being asleep and being fully awake I think I may have seen the past but I'm not really sure. I closed my eyes and I saw an image of a woman being attacked, then another image of a young girl in the corner of a dark room, and then another image of some sort of human looking green creature and then I opened my eyes, but I wanted to know when that young woman was attacked for some reason, so I closed my eyes again and saw an image of a newspaper it took me some time to work out but on the newspaper the date was Sunday September 16 1956, it felt as if I was actually there, not looking at an image, and the weird thing is I checked that date and it turned out that September 16 1956 was on a Sunday, so tried to go deeper and then I see a man and a woman throwing a body into a well, they sounded American, so in a way I kind of rewind it in my mind and I saw them dragging the body of a woman out saying we need to get rid of the body somehow, and then I saw the dead woman she had blonde hair, she looked like she may have been in her late 20's, she was wearing a white dress and her face was covered in blood but she was covering her face she looked like she was still alive and that's when I opened my eyes again, and I got pretty scared it feels weird I just don't understand it.

Another thing is, is that I could somehow in a way forward and rewind the events in my head.

Could someone please explain am I crazy or something?

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