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Dimension Changes - Or Bugs


I see sometimes creatures usually bugs popping out or flying by at a place I stared at, or it's like I can feel something is going to happen. I don't believe my vision of the future is so clear but it did happen I knew exactly what going to happened without second thoughts.

It began to happen often last year when it seems like white bugs appear from no where and it attract mystical situations and make things possible such. Systematic sound modification that makes things to move physically from the sound itself, wind will blow by the force of my emotions, license car plates with definitions that repeat itself with a different order or sequence could be my exact name with different numbers. I heard about a lot of people believe in start seed number while I think it's more self initiation, but I don't know. I can't cancel no one believe.

My question is this bugs or mystical feeling comes from different dimension? Or its actually just catching my attention in this dimension at a specific time?

Also I had experience when I looked at the moon and I saw a hallow cloud surrounding it, I want to know what it could mean? It happen in a very tragic place.

Seems like I can always tell the first card, number, color right. At the test, but then I get confused I would like to know how to clear my confused mind and instead choosing blue while I'm thinking of yellow while the answer is yellow: so I know I have the sense but I can't control the clear vision, thanks for your advice and your know.


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brightpup2 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-09-20)
yes if you can see it you must chant the words: Irishina Tubandar, chant it over and over in a monk sort of chant and realize that what you can see is an amazing oppertunity to do good.

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