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The Lady In The Victorian Dress


It was shortly after my husband and I had moved to Hawaii and got a place two weeks later, I had started having a feeling that there was someone that would watch me sleep it wasn't a bad feeling at all, it was kind of comforting to me like it was there to watch over me. I then began to keep having this feeling that I was being watched, and that is when it had started I would notice that in one certain corner in my bedroom there would sit every night in my bedroom a shadow figure. Like I had said it had not made me uncomfortable or anything like that, I told my husband what I had been seeing and feeling and he told me that he had felt something there too. So he had asked me if I had tried to communicate with whatever or whomever was there, I told him no I hadn't and he told me I should probably try, I thought about it for a while then decided I would do it when I had felt right about it. I then began to notice other things happening in the house like I would smell like cakes and stuff being baked, and flowers. I would also notice things being moved in my home and my husband said he hadn't moved them and I know I hadn't, I finally started to try and communicate with this being I felt that it was there to watch over me. I then began to communicate with this being every day I had thought I was going crazy that I was talking to someone or something I could not see then finally she showed herself to me so at this point I had a face to go with the voice, I had told my husband and he told me that he hadn't seen anyone at all. So it was a weekend and I had went shopping with my friend I come home and my husband starts asking me questions of what the lady I had seen had looked like and had been wearing and I kind of looked at him puzzled, then he started to describe to me in detail of what she was wearing and how she looked. My mouth had dropped and I had told him that was her, The woman in the old Victorian dress he told me she had walked past him while I was gone and he had known it wasn't me for I wasn't there. Well time has gone on and things hadn't changed at this point she was in the corner in my bedroom every night just watching me, I then had decided to go back home for a month and when I had returned she was nowhere to be found or seen. If there is anyone that could help me with some kind of input. I know that I have had many experiences through my life, but I don't understand why she had left.

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Bumble719 (2 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-21)
She probably lived there at one point and was just checking in to see how her home was now that someone new had moved in. Spirits can get lonely and maybe she was watching you and was just nervous to make direct contact with you and wanted to see how you would react first. If you were shocked and she saw you she might have thought that you wanted her to leave so she did. She was respecting that you lived there now and misinterpreted your reactions.
lillybug (6 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-20)
Carolyn I want to thank you, that does give me a little more insight to the situation. I hadn't thought that she could be a guardian or anything like that...
Carolyn (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-20)
Maybe she was the past owner of the house you are now living in... She could have past away in this house and her soul remained. She could be your guardian angel and is making sure you alright... There are many reasons and in time you will know why.

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