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Silverware Flying Through The Kitchen


I have been different from my siblings and most of my family since I can remember, I have had many of things happen to me that I cannot explain. I don't tell a lot of people the things that have happened for I don't want them to think I am crazy! I think that it had started around the age of 5 or 6 when I had started seeing shadow figures and hearing voices of people that were not visible to anyone else. I would be talking to these spirits, and my family would ask who are you talking to so I would deny having said anything for the fear of people thinking that I was crazy. As time had went on I had thought that maybe this would all stop for I had an over active imagination, but I started to get into my teens and still I continued to see and hear things that were not visible to others. I can recall one night sitting up late with my mother and I kept hearing things being thrown like silverware in the kitchen my mom had then asked me do you hear what I hear and I asked her what she heard she said she heard the silverware being thrown as well, at that time I had asked her does this happen to her a lot where she hears things she said sometimes for she has a lot of premonitions. I then knew I could tell someone about my experiences. We than just sat there listening to what had sounded like silverware being thrown around in the kitchen, my mom had decided to go in there to maybe see if anything was moved or out of place, but nothing was this had gone on for a while then we heard people yelling, but there was no one but us awake this went on for like twenty minutes then it had went quite. We went about watching t.v then we decided that it was time for bed well I had shared a room with my brother and sister for we just moved to another state and had to find a place until we could get on our feet. Well the next morning when we had woke up I had went to get my clothes to get ready for the day I saw that there was red stuff on the walls I had went got my mom and dad an showed them what I had found and they said that it had to be blood then asked us all if we had got hurt and put blood on the wall and none of us had any wounds like that, well my mom and I had told my father what we had heard he didn't believe us until the next night when around the same time we all were sitting up and it sounded like two people were fighting but no one was there then it sounded like silverware started flying across the kitchen again so we all had heard an experienced this. After that my father was ready to move, we did but things continued to happen like phones would ring and they weren't plugged into the phone jack anything with batteries would go off and start playing, blinking or doing whatever it had done with batteries. We would see shadows moving down the halls, having the feeling that someone or something was watching us. All I know is I want to know what could have been doing this and had it followed us to our new home? I know that I hadn't excepted this as a gift until here recently when I married my husband whom also has gifts like mine, but why did it seem to follow us?

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lillybug (6 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-26)
Thank you that has helped me understand a little more about what this could possibly be and how to deal with this situation and where to begin so thank you for your input it helps.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-09-25)
It appears you have a vibrationally thin veil between this dimension and the next.

It also seems that something of a lower vibration has attached itself to you or your family in general. It doesn't matter where you move because they are attached to you, not the place (some cases it's the place and not the person). I had one attached to me in my teens and it took quite a few years to get rid of it. I basically had to raise my own vibration to break the link.

Just because a spirit no longer inhabits a physical body, it doesn't mean they change. Where do you think all the rapist, child molesters and murderers go? The lower planes of course (everyone has a name for it) and that plane isn't all that too much vibrationally "up" from ours and if someone is strong enough, they can breach the veil. We can lock our doors but we can't lock down the physical in every case.

But what we can do is try and be as loving as possible in our environments to keep it 'clear' of susceptible forms. Fighting and drama is a major magnet. In my youth, my home was full of it so was an opportune portal. But entities also target psychics because they are the few that will notice they are around and like I've said before, it's like they say, "We got a live one here!" You might also try and talk it into moving to a higher plane or trying to cleanse your home through ritual.

Hope this helps.

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