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Am I An Empath?


I think I am a Empath. When I am a round people I feel feeling that are not mine. Am a very shy, and I like to be a lone a lot. When I go in big crowds of people I get energy drained. Also I sometime get other people thoughts, like There was a time I was in math class; I was just sitting there with pen and paper and I was not really paying attention to the teacher. All of the sudden I wrote a name down I don't know; why I did it but I did. The person next to me saw the name and she asks why I had that name on my paper. I said I don't know; then she said that name was her new boyfriend name they just started dating. All she could think of was of him. After that she was freaked out and she never sat by me again.

When I go to new places I usually can tell if it haunted or not if the spirits want to be know I will have a flash in my mind eye view of what they look like. My cousin wanted me to baby sit for her and she just moved in to this big house so I told her I would. The hole night I felt some one was watching me. I got up and looked out the window and the house next to them was empty no one has lived there for 5 years, and no one want to buy the house it was a nice house. But I got a bad feeling about it something was there in the house and it was not human. My cousin got back around 1:00 in the morning. I told my cousin I would say the night. That night I was trying to go to sleep when I looked at the corner of the room and in my mind eye I saw a little girl she had long hair and old type night ground on. She came closer and closer to me. Final she was right in front of me then she disappeared. The next day I told my cousin what happen and she didn't believe me tell a month later.

Some time I know what is going to happen before it happens. I am a lucid dreamer. I also have a connection with the elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth. When I was little I could control the element Air but not so much now am trying to get it back. All these things I can't control they happen when they happen. If anyone can help me understand or help me control it better I be really happy.

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