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Are Me And My Children Psychic


I have been told that the gift runs in my family and have always been very open minded about it all. I always feel as though me and my children are protected and there is always a warm energy around us. A few months ago I started hearing voices more so as I was settling down for the night, which at first was very un-nerving as I couldn't make sense of it all. Now a month ago my grandad came to me, who I have never met as he sadly died when my mum was 16, this was a big comfort to me as he told me he is always with me and very proud of how my life is turning out, I'm guessing he is the warm energy I feel, he also spends a lot of time with my youngest son who is 3, many of times he tells me hes been playing with grandad and can tell where he is at different times and at different houses, he follows us as my son says, my eldest son who is 11 also has regular conversation with him. I know its real as I have questioned my mum about different things and certain things I'm un able to know as I wasn't around, I always encourage my boys to talk about what has happened as I never want them to be scared. Both me and my boys have seen balls of light around the house, sometime they just float on the spot and other times fly off really fast I have also seen figures wandering around near me and I can feel them. I also can predict whether things will turn out good or bad which I seem to do on a regular basis now, I can also read people just by touching them. Have I got a gift or am I just going mad. If I do possess psychic abilities how do I channel them properly. Please help xx

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calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-10-10)
Wow your neighborhood got so many supernatural activities. Calm down, some places are really like this.

Great you can sense the warm energy around you. These are jinn with negative energy. While jinn with positive energy is cold much like a breeze.

If you hear a voice that is crystal clear and you hear it like surrounded by 7.1 sound system (so you can't trace the source). It's a jinn who's using his magic on you. So the jinn can interact cross realm. The normal chit-chat of a jinn will never ever can be heard by human - and also their true form is never going to be visible by human. Different realm.

Unlike when they've shifted their form to another shape. Like a ball of light, male, female, animals, demigod, humanoid, half animal half human, anything. This is the moment when a human might see them. Just like what happened to your kids. You see black figures because your vision isn't 100% clear. You were just seeing their shadows. 100% clear vision will show you their color and shape. 200% clear vision or see through without borders will let you see their true form and able to see any realm you wish just using intention by remote viewing.

Their realm's law of universe is different than ours. If our shadow will be behind the body, the jinn's shadow is right at their body. Like what I said the realm is different they don't follow the rule of shadow in human realm.

If your ability come from the jinn and he the jinn stays inside you, then your vision to see their existence will last after you read holy words that turns your aura to a bright white light which has the capability to burn any jinn near it. The holy words can come from several religions. And there are specific. Not every word will make your aura white bright light. Some of them will do.

If your vision comes directly from God, then you will never lose it because you are the chosen one.

Magic power from jinn can run in blood. Especially if you used to be not protected (no bright white aura). Another jinn can easily get into human womb and stays in the baby. They don't necessarily possess the human, they just ride on you for awhile. Jinn can only possess human when there is hole on their aura. And after jinn left after possessing human body, the human will appear really weak like have been doing 12 hours marathon.

I found out how normal human and jinn interact is funny:
Human perceives human = real
Human perceives jinn = hologram
Jinn perceives jinn = real
Jinn perceives human = hologram

This is what happen when several different realms runs in 1 universe. I could say this world is like multiple of servers but runs in parallel and they have hierarchy. Lower realms aren't allowed to see higher realms. But the higher realms can see the lower realms.

When I put up together the puzzle, I amazed by how this guy called God made the system of life perfectly.

To use your abilities at will. Just do it every time and you'll be soon good at it. This only applies when you have the ability. When you don't have it this power will never increase. Psychic abilities aren't learned. Learned abilities are from jinn (like suddenly you have Godlike power without starting from 0). So don't get excited first when you see a human capable to do long distance punch, capable to stand on water or fly in mid air without gimmicks. He is either got the power from jinn or too religious and God gave this to him.

If you saw someone (I mean really someone and not magician which use trashy gimmicks) with this ability, let them show you their magic. And now say holy words over and over again. Any, that makes your aura emit bright white light. Like "hallelujah", "la ilaha illa Allah", "Bismillahirahmanirahim". If they fell down that's jinn. If he is not affected, ask him to pray for you so that his prayer can help you to reach heaven. This person is sky inhabitant but still live as a human.

Most human judge their own race from their financial status - because this is what they see and experience as a regular human with no spiritual experience at all. Most human really not allowed to see what's behind this mask (human realm/testing zone). The real world isn't here where you see this text. The real world is what can't be seen while in human form. This is where you will go after you die. You don't belong anymore to earth when you die. Dead souls have their own place and no longer roam the earth and will not go to jinn realm. Their destination will be determined from their deeds they've made while they was alive. There always been 2 angels at your front and at your back in every individual writing down all your good and bad deeds. Human can't see angels the jinn too. But angels was always been right in between your eyes but we just can't see them. Angel's realm hierarchy is two above human so their realm surpass human and jinn.

Remember this line after you meet your deathbed "If you see a white angels as bright as the sun, be glad and happy because you will be pulled up to higher sky and enter heaven. But if you see a black figured angels, always always always remember that your God's name is Allah because most of the sinner when they have died, they are blinded from their God and these angels will pull them up to earth sky and throw them down to hell gate".

Pure psychic (God's power) comes without you knowing it. 6th senses are just like limbs. You need to train those muscles to get good at it. But those aren't muscles. Just like a toddler learning how to walk. Use it frequently and you'll be good at it.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-06)
Children very often have psychic abilities but because parents don't believe them when they tell people they grow up believing its fake and their abilities become weakened. So yes your children can be psychic and you should try to help them develop a stronger sense of their third eye. Also for you, you should meditate more and practice your abilities more but don't use them too much or they could possibly go away.
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-05)
also I think it deosnt run in blood but the human mind can do anything bcz no one in my family have this ablity even if they dared to tell family members would its the demon who gave it her shes a demon folower. No one knows my sadness about thinking one day when they find out they would kick me out, keep me traped in a room, or take me to some fake religios person to get know what kind of demon I am. But ibelave one day I will change my life to beter wher I have freedom and succes in life
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-05)
well I am 13 years but a know a good information sincemy ablity lon ago about 3 years ago. The only way to improve ablitty is to find a strong reason why it so important to you that's how my psyichic ablities

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