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My Experience With Spirit Guides


When I was in 5th grade, a friend of mine named Skye came up to me during free time and asked me a question: "Do you believe in ghosts?" After I told her I did, she told me about an experience she had with spirits that she called Guardians. She said that she had a Guardian named Black Knight, that he was the king of a place called Rowena and that she was his queen.

I was talking to Skye about how frustrated I was because I couldn't hear the Guardians like she could. She could hear them talking like she can hear regular people. I only heard one once. It was a young girl's voice saying "Hi." That's all I've ever heard a Guardian say to me aloud.

Skye's advice to me was to just imagine what my Guardian would say to me. That's all I've really been doing since.

After a few days of trying to figure out how to communicate with these Guardians, I realized that MY guardian was a celebrity I'd been crushing on for ages, Daniel Radcliffe. I asked her how that could be possible and she told me, "Black Knight did that for you. He knows how much you love Harry Potter and thought you'd enjoy having Dan as your guide." I was happy.

I contacted Skye a few years later asking if she had any new advice on how to get closer to my Guardian. She asked if I believed in God. At the time I did. She said that if I believed in God, I'd have trouble hearing them because they have their own god. I don't believe in God anymore.

Now I'm in 12th grade. I've talked to only a few people about my experience with Guardians. One friend of mine suggested that Guardians are actually demons, that I have to get rid of them. She's a faithful Christian. She said that since the Guardians have their own god and the Christian god is not involved with them, they must be demons.

Recently, I was on the phone with a new friend of mine named Ivan. I was telling him about certain places where I felt I was being watched, such as the attic in my house and places I've walked by during the summer. He said that I have a wonderful gift and that I have the potential to be a powerful medium. I proceeded to tell him about my experience in 5th grade with Skye. He was telling me how every person has what they call "spirit guides" and that it takes practice to become close to them. After I researched the term "spirit guides" a bit on Google, I don't believe Daniel Radcliffe was ever my Guardian. However, I DO believe I still have some kind of spirit guide. I've read that you have to meditate and relax in order to hear your spirit guide but I have difficulties with relaxing and meditating. It's frustrating.

Lately, I feel like someone's watching me very closely. I don't know if it's my spirit guide or something else.

I don't know if this is related but I've been seeing repeating numbers a lot, especially 333 and 444. Occasionally I'll see 222 as well.

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cloudess (2 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-26)
My experince with my spirit guild was in a dream. (I'm not saying that everybody meets there spirit guild (s) in dreams, it is different for everybody.) My spirit guild didn't look like anything I could've thought of if somebody had told me to imagine one for myself. That's how I knew he was real. Daniel Radcliffe huh? Not a bad looking fellow, but I don't know if he is your gaurdian. Somebody can't give you your gaurdian especially not somebody's gaurdian. This has to be found out for yourself, I recomend meditating, and before you go to sleep, tell yourself what you wish to be shown in your dreams. Perhaps then your gaurdian will be revealed to you.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-01)
Krislove's comments are very good, accurate.

A few things to add:

For me, meeting my spirit guide was sort of a surprise, it wasn't what I was expecting and actually the feeling was rather emotional because it made sense to me and felt like someone I had known all my life but had ignored. I felt it was real.

Meditation... So I hear a lot on this site about people who have trouble meditating... Here are some tips that work for me...
- have an intention before you start, such as I would like to meet my spirit guide, I would like to simply relax my mind for awhile, I have a question about my life, etc etc.
- lie on a bed in a very quiet room, no windows open and ensure it is a quiet place.
- arms at your side, legs uncrossed, head slightly elevated on one pillow
- close your eyes, imagine starting at your toes and moving upwards that your entire body is relaxing bit by bit as you move up, do this several times if necessary.
- now focus on your mind, quiet the chatter, slowly let the chatter of your mind fade. Then picture a black screen in front of you. From the middle of the screen imagine all thoughts images everything is removed from the middle to the very far left side. Then repeat this for the right side until all you have a blank black screen in front of you, no thoughts. Keep in this state for as long as you wish.
- play with that a few times and see if anything comes to you during meditation or at other times.

- you may also wish to try walking meditation... You walk at a slow stroll in comfortable clothes and footwear, preferably through nature or a quiet residential neighbourhood. Take in the trees, plants, soil, squirrels, sun, moon, stars, the wind, rain, all of nature etc etc and focus on that, not on your internal chatter... Walk for as long as necessary to feel rejuvenated or until you have answers come to you... (caution: this can be addictive lol!) it's very nice, relaxing. Don't play music, turn your cell phone ringer off, don't have a goal on where you are going, no mission, no errands to run... Etc etc.

Also, everyone has the power to be psychic, a medium etc etc to hold these types of powers. To connect with energy. It is in all of us, just takes time to develop in some, in some certain aspects are already there. So take your time with it, don't force it, figure out what your beliefs are, what is true for you.

Good luck!
❤ ❤
Krislove (65 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-01)
The first question you should ask yourself is, Is the messages that I receive from these guides, something that can help me become someone I want to be. There are spirit guides and then there are tricksters. I can't tell you which ones they are, if you feel good about them, if you are comforted by their presence, it could mean that they are your spirit guides. Don't ever do anything you don't want to just because they suggested it, think it through, ask yourself if doing it would bring you peace. The biggest problem with spirit guides is that we often fool ourselves into thinking they have our best interest at heart and sometimes it's just a trickster.

The fact that it took on the form of someone you liked, could go both ways. One, it knows about your crush and is using it to gain your trust (trickster) two, it knew you would be comforted by the presence of someone you liked (could be spirit guide or trickster).

You can actually learn a lot from a trickster, essentially, if it is one, you were probably attracting that experience in order to show you something about yourself. Don't get caught up on the trickster thing though. If you believe in higher beings like Angels or Jesus, call upon them and say a prayer for your protection before you communicate with these "guides" if they are your guides, they will be able to communicate with you.

Meditation is hard at first but once you get used to it you can do it. I started off only able to do 2-3 minute at a time, eventually I could do it for hours. There are side effects though, I got to a point where things were happening in meditation and I got hooked on it for a while. I only wanted to meditate all day to stay with the feeling. So keep this in mind. You will get interested if you start experiencing the energies around you.

I also see these numbers a lot. There's a wonderful site that has a general interpretation of what those numbers represents, but you're the only one who will know if it's true or not. That inner truth detector will tell you if what you are reading is something real or someone else's imagination. Here's the site. Http://

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