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When I Touch Things, I Am All Of A Sudden There


I'm 15 years old, and I know almost all teenagers want 'magical powers' or 'gifts'. I don't, but I think I have some. I'm not really sure about this whole thing or what any of it is called, but I have read a lot of stories and I can relate.

I feel other people's pain and emotions. When my cousin broke his foot, I felt it that day and started limping, when I found out he broke his foot it had shocked me that I had felt so much pain in my foot right around the time he broke it. Also, when a women at the store I was at started going into labor, I felt very deep sudden pains in my pelvis.

Sometimes when I sleep I'm in a dream state where I'm not fully asleep but not fully awake, and I think I'm dreaming, but they are so vivid I wake up screaming or crying, or even laughing. I experience these 'dreams' a lot. The dreams I remember when I'm in those dream states always manage to come true. Sometimes it scares me, because I know something bad is going to happen, but I can't stop it. As for seeing the future, it happens in my dreams at night, but sometimes during the day also, like daydreaming kind of. No one ever believe's me which is why I have never shared any stories. I get so scared that I'm going to be shunned from my family. I'm not scared of being different I just want answers.

When I get angry or really calm the wind changes, and sometimes it even rains or there is a thunderstorm. I can't explain it, and after the weather changes I get this satisfaction like I know I had something to do with it, but I'm not sure what.

I make radio's or TV's static when I get to close and I just don't even get how that is possible.

Fire seems to burn brighter when I'm around it, I don't know if that's a sign for something or what. But I feel like it means something important.

I have seen ghosts, well I think they are ghosts, before and when I was little I used to talk to them, but as I got older I just became afraid.

When I touch things I am all of a sudden there, but I know I'm not, its like its in my head. But I know its from what I touched because as soon as I let go the image disappears. The weird thing about it though is the flashbacks aren't my memories. In fact I have no idea who the people are or where I am when that happens, its even in a different time period sometimes. I just want to know what all this means, to make since of it all. Can anyone help me?

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stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
I agree with Krislove. Even scientists who are totally against the thought of an afterlife believe we are all composed of energy, and that energy will continue on as all energies do. I do think you are able to connect well with the energies around you. Its not something you should be afraid about, though I'm sorry you feel the pain of others. I'm empathetic, so I know how that goes. I ache just hearing about things.
Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-01)
Sounds like you're sensitive to the energy around you. Everything is energy, it's how we perceive the energy. Looks like you are able to accurately read the energy around you. That last thing you mentioned about touching something and being there, it's called psychometry. Meaning you are able to read the energy associated with that object.

I have a lot of dreams like that too. I knew it when my grandmother past away, I woke up and just knew it. I'm mostly, claircognizant (knowing), clairsentience (feeling) but I do get visions and hear things. I don't receive a lot of premonitions but I do get a few. It can be frightening when it happens in real life, just know that if you couldn't prevent it, you were just preparing yourself for the event by peaking into the future. Of course there's always the chance that you could prevent something. Nothing is set in stone, but if you couldn't have done anything, don't beat yourself up for it. You are doing the best you can in every moment of your life, you might not think it at times, but you are and there's always some hidden knowledge there waiting for you.

I'm empathic, so I do get feelings but never real bad pains. It could be that you are so opened that you're absorbing all the energy around you and thus experiencing what others are. Try looking up some ways to shield yourself or cleansing technique along with centering techniques. I've found that you really can't close yourself off to others, but you can clear the energy once you realized it's not yours. Finding your center can really bring you back into balance. You can also learn to recycle the energy so that it's not just floating around. I usually think of red roots on the bottom of my feet reaching into the earth and pushing the lower energy into the earth and bringing up clean energy back into my field.

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