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I Want To Believe


My problem is that I wholeheartedly want believe that I have some kind of special ability. I have been able to sense and see ghost up until I was until my 6th grade year. I was in class and then I started to feel sick, my vision turned white but then as soon as it happened, it was gone. For a short while I was not able to see or feel my other worldly companions.

About a year later I would notice that people had different colored outlines around their bodies, which I later found out was their aura. Around this time I also developed a kind of enhanced sense of, people? If I had an uneasy feeling about a person I would usually be right about the feeling, but I'm not sure if this is special, is it just a gut feeling that every person has?

Lastly, I feel as if I am connected to certain elements: water, wind, and fire. Fire I believe I've had the longest connection with, as a child I was raised Catholic and thus was often forced to go to church. During the mass I would always "play" with the giant lit candels that were up by the priest in the front, by play I meant moving it the fire around from afar. Water is the second element that I've felt a connection with. I grew up in the central valley of California so my family and I never lived by large bodies of water, they also worked a lot to support my brothers and I. But whenever we had a chance to go to a lake I would always be the first in the water and the last to leave, whenever I was in the water it felt so peaceful and comforting. Finally, wind. The connection with the wind is a connection that I have had recently. I don't know when exactly it happened but one day I just felt the wind in a different way and from that moment on I felt the connection.

If I do have a connection with these elements how can I grow stronger and learn how to manipulate them?

So if anyone would be so kind as to tell me if I do possess any special abilities I would be most grateful.

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Kiame2012 (9 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-06)
You must have done something quite unreasonable, or that your soul was to weak of one to hold such a dangerous power that your powers have been taken from you, just to save your life from a long-term hell.

Auras are not seen by outlines but by body actually. I can transform my vision to look at people like a heat-sensitive camera and understand where one is in pain at, where one feels emotionally betrayed at, and what emotional state they are in. It's all colored-sensored, the pain shows up as red, orange shows up as bitterness, yellow shows up as neutral, green shows up as happy, and blue shows up as sadness.

That being said, you are probably trying to force yourself to gain powers and thinking you see these things to think you have powers. Don't be ashamed, a lot of people did that. I did that even to be honest.

Those connetions are not connections at all but just a study of the atmosphere. Everybody finds amazement in fire, I personally am a fish whom enjoys the water and will be in a body of water from dawn to dusk, wind makes anybody feel refreshed and in deep thought, and I even wanted to manipulate these elements to my power.

I'm sorry to discourage you, but this is not a power at all. I used to think I have psychic powers because I could force myself to think I could see spirits, that I could sit there and be in deep thought until I "Think" I know everything and have visions, but when I saw my first ghost face to face, when I had my first trance like vision, when I could actually picture somebody's surroundings, that was real, and what I forced myself to see was not. It's all there to make you feel you actually own such abilities to make us all feel more special to the world. It's all normal, but don't lie to yourself to make you think you own powers when all your doing is hurting yourself emotionally everyday.

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