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A Ghost Plagues My Family


If you read my other story "Understanding Paranormal And Psychic Abilities" I mentioned a ghost or a demon horrific in looks. I consulted my uncle who is a psychic. He told me a tale of my family passed down since my Great-Great-Grandfather who lived 200 years ago.

He was quite unlucky man. He married 4 times and all his wives died. First one died when he got out of the house to work leaving his postpartum wife and newborn child. A fire started in the house.İt was indicated that someone did it. Culprit never found.

His second one also died postpartum with her newborn child and her child (she was a widow) in a flood. His third wife died during birth and child was still born. When his fourth wife got pregnant he called a father, fearing a demon plagued them. Wife passed away in birth and as for father he was choked until he lost consciousness. But the child survived (Due to this some of the family are born psychics, while most others are not and the abilities pass down to young generation when the old generation dies) and barely I might add.

After that when there is birth, family (often all psychics in the family) joins together and pray to God for safety. As a tradition woman in her maternity and child are never left alone and they live in with an elder of the family for 3 years. After that it is believed that they are safe.

I mentioned in my other story, my aunt is pregnant. That thing seems to haunt her. It is powerful as this story seems to tell me. What it is, how can I get rid of it? Help me please, I am Afraid something might happen to my aunt or the baby she carries.

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Curafang (2 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-06)
I don't know much obliviously story is 200 years old. Seven generations passed it became something like a myth which old generation believes (and with a good reason). It's extremely sneaky. I saw it for split second actually, when seen it flees.It's afraid of crowds of people tough. It resembles a female Gollum (you know the one from LOTR) only difference is it is uglier and much terrifying and it has red eyes And it looks like the child crawling out of TV in ring movie (ugly,dark hair, red glowing eyes, wearing some kind of ragged robes). After some research I think it might be some sort of a Jewish demon like Lilith (enemy of the newborn part) maybe?
I asked my grandmother more about it. She told me that it didn't directly killed someone as it cannot act directly. It just waits the right time like a predator and when the time is right it acts or uses sorcery and curses. My grandmother saw it while it did something to me and she quickly escaped and never returned. Spirits would come to me to scare and hurt me when I was a child one even tried killing me by pushing me off the stairs. (while I grew they became annoying like you close the door they open it, you turn off the television). It even kills in same pattern;some natural disaster happens Mother naturally tries to save her baby (Who wouldn't?) and they both die ultimately. 1st one was fire mother got out but baby didn't and she jumped back to fires. 2nd wife died in a flood when weather suddenly changed into a storm. 3rd one was normal I think because in those times that was a natural occurrence. Thank you ninjaman, but I don't think it can be slain or something like that, it escapes quickly and if you know of it it does not shows itself to you. I want to be sure tough.

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