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During my Junior year of high school, I had been doing these mental exercises to focus/clear my mind. I would shut my eyes and pretend I was inside of my head where everything was completely dark and still. I would feel like I was actually sitting on a chair in a room... Inside my head. I would do this to relax.

The story continues to later in my Junior year when I had a migraine during free time during class. I simply could not take the pain, so I closed my eyes and went into dark room. I felt overwhelmed by the pain, but then a voice, very fluid and relaxing, told me to ignore the pain. He said, "It's not real if you don't think it is. Let it go..."

When I would pretend the pain wasn't real, I felt the migraine lift. Then it would come back when I started to lose my balance with the idea. But after an hour when the class was over, I opened my eyes and the migraine was totally gone. And not just that, I felt totally recharged. I felt very strong, very mentally focused and able.

This intrigued me, so I kept trying to get the voice to come back and it did. I always felt that it was a good thing. I would talk to him when I was upset or just plain bored. It wasn't audible responses or chats, it was just like a thought.

A year later, I had a marijuana/alcohol incident. The two drugs together sent me into a very bad panic attack. I used to have small ones once in a while before, but never EVER like this. So after that one, they started to happen all the time. I could get the voice to talk me out of them a lot.

But then I started to become skeptical of the voice, wondering if it was actually a good thing. When I started to wonder about this, I started to get a negative voice.

One night, this new negative voice was cursing at me and telling me I was going to hell. I was so afraid, I asked the good voice to make the bad one go away. They got into a shouting match, but the bad one went away. Nevertheless, it left me ragged with fear.

My dad used to be a pastor, so I told him about these things and he told me to stop listening to all the voices. So I did. I tried to forget about all of them, because I couldn't be sure if any of it was positive. So I have, but I know they're still there. I just tune them out and don't focus on it.

Right now, I'm feeling very apprehensive and am afraid to write more. I feel like I'm being watched. Eek. But anyway, feedback would be great.

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soundofwings (2 stories) (47 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-02)
Okay Sapphire, first off, you're not mentally ill. Second you are not hearing spirits whatsoever. Well you are, but not on the outside. Within us we have our Higher Self which is positive, and our Shadow Self which is negative. Your Shadow Self made you doubt the voice of your Higher Self. When you gave into your Shadow Self (also known as the ego) you strengthened it and it was then able to talk to you. I've had some serious trouble with this before, where I can't tell which is which, so now for the most part I don't channel, except on occassion and then I make a sacred space around myself and call my guides, but I give thought to everything they say and don't blindly listen, because I know my ego can get in. Understand that the ego has a purpose, it's job is not to do you harm, it is there to challenge you. Also you have to have both light and dark. For instance, if you are only light you will want to fall for every sappy story you hear and help everyone out, your ego can give you a little healthy skepticism so you're not falling for dishonest people. Also if you were only light you would be too self sacrificing and never think of yourself, your ego can help you not get walked over. Your higher self can only feel positive feelings like love or happiness. Your ego feels negative feelings such as the doubt you experienced. Your positive self will not yell at you and will always tell you the truth, your ego will lie most of the time.
As far as the migraine not being real, that was definately your higher self talking. Your ego wants you to believe in this physical place and get trapped by the rules here. That's very cool you were able to hear that, I've done that type of thing since I was a kid and would take away aches and pains. Later I was able to do a lot more with my mind, mostly I can heal things, and sometimes instantly, so stick with it, if you can really connect with the fact that this place is not real, it is really a dream world that your mind entered to learn, you can do amazing and wonderful things and it can really help you out later and you will be able to help others as well. You don't need to fear your negative self. You seem very strong and it is just challenging you. Hope that helps dear.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-27)
Hi you also said you had a drinking problem, panic attacks and that which it could be that causing you to think its a spirit talking to you when its not. I'm not a drinker myself but when people drink and that it causes them to get paranoid and see strange things which are not there which could be there imagination. Usually I'm a girl who is psychic I have seen spirits and that. Most of my stories are under psychic medium and the story about the girl's voice I heard it as well. I have once had something strange happened to me. Its on feeling someone else's emotions.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-27)
I've heard that is Meditating. I have had a spirit voice coming from my mind its on the glossary the word it's where you can hear spirits but no one else but you can. It could be your spirit guide but until you said that the voice went negative then it could be just you cause I've heard if you hear voices like that then it could be something to do with being paranoid or a mental health not saying you are but there's a illness where people hear voices but its not a spirit its just them. I know someone who kept hearing negative voices he ended up being ill. He was listening to this voice too much and it was all negative. When I hear spirits they don't talk negative and you don't hear them a lot and they don't stay for long.

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