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My Spirit Guide Or Guardian Angel?


A few weeks ago I discovered what I think is either my Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. This happened while I was dreaming. A quick bit about my psychic experiences previous to this, I have always been able to sense emotions and energies. The emotion sensing has always been the stronger of the 2. Any way, I was dreaming about a dark palace that had dark energy to it and inside was a prison. I had to free whatever was in the prison, the prison itself was dark but what it held was innocent like a child. In fact, it held children, they were all dirty and sad, like they had been in there for a long time.

Standing next to me was a African american man. He was a lot taller than me, 6' 5"? He had dark coffee colored skin and his dark hair was braided in very small braids to about his shoulders. He wore armor, but he was not going to fight, his presence felt more like a protector, besides the armor he wore was that of ancient Egyptian armor, (mostly brown leather). His feet were bare, but he did not seem to notice. The most striking thing about him was his wings, they were a deep chocolate color, each row of feathers varying by a slight degree of the tone of chocolate, the wings were lean, yet powerful, like he was. I didn't know his name so I called him Angel, he seemed fine with that. This next part was all he ever said to me in that dream, but it will last with me forever. In a deep, rich tone, he said, "Your time has come to fufil what you were born to do." He nodded as a silent farewell then disappeared, and I was left alone in that mansion, but I was not afraid. He was still there, I just couldn't see him, but I felt his presence, it was a good feeling, like somebody is watching over me.

I haven't seen Angel since, in a dream or a vision, but I talk to him and I listen to him often, at least once a day. He offers advice and helps me with spiritual issues and my life issues, I also ask him a lot of questions, sometimes without an answer. So my question is this, is Angel my spirit guide or my guardian angel?

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calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-11-29)
One more input from me:) If you wanted to see an angel at least once in your life time. Check the clouds at a distant horizon. When it's about to rain, the better because it is much easier to see them when the clouds are gray.

Just stare to a cloud at single point. Just relax your eyes and avoid any muscle tension. Slowly you will see several lines passing your sight. Just observe and relax, suddenly one or two or three huge white spotlights a little bit transparent will appear right in front of your eyes. They are the angels who are responsible to give rain to plants and earth.
cloudess (2 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-28)
Thank you calivinvalerian for that info, that article gave me whole new perspective and I'm greatful for it.
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-11-28)
Hi cloudess, do you really want to know the truth? I have experimented with my sister to see whether I have angel wings and halo or not. My sister is the only one in my family gifted this kind of eye vision from God. I can see some too but not as clear and easy as she does.

I was atheist but now I'm a religious person after I know that religious human emit a bright white light or bright golden light from their aura or face depends on the holy words they say. Those lights are like LED light but not visible to normal human eyes. The reason of me become an atheist is because science messed up with mind. After God let me see some of his creation which is beyond human understanding, it blew my mind and now I'm accepting the reality of 3 realms. Human, jinn, and angel.

I told my sister to check at my back, she saw a pair of white angel wings (it determines the religious status of the person). I told her to see above my head, she saw a white angel halo on top of my head.

I pull in a jinn (ghost/not a dead person's soul) to my body. She saw that the jinn also have a pair of angel wings. It is unexpected for me to know this. But because I know that the jinns who live in my house are religious so I'm not so surprised with the fact.

Jinn and human who are away from God they give off the opposite characteristics of the religious. They don't have angel quality and their face is black.

Our wings are color white. No other. And this is witnessed in real life and not in a dream. There are good and bad jinn. Good jinn have the ability to enter a human's dream and communicate to you through that. Bad jinn also have the ability to enter human's dream but they create what you've been calling until today 'Nightmare' phenomena.

Jinn also have the ability to possess a human's body but they won't be able to penetrate human who are protected with God's light/have strong faith. Those humans who have strong faith to God, their body is sealed with barrier. None from the jinn can pass that. When they want to enter a human protected with barrier, it just feels different for them because as they want to enter that human's body, something protective makes them unable to penetrate that human's body.

Characteristics of a jinn or human who are faith in God:
1. Have pair of white angel wings (size will depend on each individual's faith)
2. White angel halo
3. Bright white face as the sun in daylight
4. Jinn who are away from God will feel burning when they hear human of another jinn chanting holy words near them
5. Fragrance (when jinn smells you even without perfume)

The point is every human and jinn who faith in God have angel's physical quality. Though they are not visible to most human and jinn.

So in my conclusion, every human will have their own guardian angel only while they pray to your God, and those angel will leave you when you finish praying. Those bright light aura which only come out when you chant holy words, will vanish after a few seconds you change your thought to something else. But you can have a follower from jinn race and probably that's the jinn who's been communicating with you this whole time. But I can only give you one important note: Meditation gives you nothing another than piece of mind and getting tired of doing it.

Psychic ability can come from 2 sources. The jinn or God. You might someday do powerful telekinesis and move things around, but after you want to try your telekinesis with someone beside you saying hallelujah, it won't work. The jinn who's been giving you the power getting burn from that guy's light and temporarily couldn't do his magic for you. But if you someday see human with angelic quality can perform magical abilities such as making you bounced off balance without touching you, this is a human which is allowed by God to own some of God's ability. There are some people like this in my country and all of them are religious leaders. The supernatural power God gave to them are so strong and they do this for good. I cannot say that their abilities are from jinn why? Because I know what will happen when they say holy words and what will happen to the jinn when they hear it.

These information come from my experiments and from the jinn themselves. None of them I think it's like this and that. Most of you are clueless about supernatural realms. I'm one of the luckiest guy out there which able to deliver this information to you based on reality.
cloudess (2 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-27)
Thanks for answering my question Anaelyssa, I think I will look that article up.
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-27)
In ceremonial magick, there is something called "Holy Guardian Angel" which is basically your spirit guide/higher self. (There's a Wikipedia article on it if you want to look it up.)

So to answer your question... Both.
vergil117 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-11-26)
he could be your spirit guide and your guardian angel. I don't know much about angels, but I do know that angels have multiple colors of wings. You say he wore old egyptian looking armor? Perhaps he lived in ancient egypt, I don't know, but you have to learn how to communicate with him. Meditation, and other ways such as mediumship are ways of talking to him. I hope you get to meet him again!

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