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My First Psychic Nightmare


I am 14 years old. And I had a nightmare last night and felt like I needed to share with people. I have always have been gifted even when I was a kid and I have dreams about people but this is my first nightmare that actually shocked me in fear.

This guy I saw in my nightmare was the owner of the house I live in now he died a very angry man. And now he attacks my sick grandfather who has the same sickness as the old owner. My mother is a very spiritual woman and protects the house so evil spirits like him cannot come in. And here is my nightmare

It started when I was sleeping in my moms room and he was at the front door (right in front of my moms door visible completely) and he was upside down and said if you sleep on your stomach I will kill you. So I ran, shortly after he appeared when I was on the porch he was outside and walking from right to left breathing heavily. So I ran again, so he appeared in my grandfather's room when I was helping my grandfather. The man with this evil smile and evil most scariest stare started staring at me from the window. So I told him " f**k off" and with the most evilest laugh he started to laugh and then I ran " again ". So I was on the sofa with my mom watching a movie and through the window I saw him he was frustrated I'm guessing he was mad because he couldn't get in, but then he saw me and stared once again with the smile of pure evil. I woke up with complete shock and fear. I told my mom in the morning and said that he looked like my father and she said that spirits will manifest to people who you love or in those case to people I don't like.

I found out he was mad because he actually cannot get in from the protection of something my mom puts on the floor yo protect us.

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