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I have to sleep with noise or I just can't sleep. I sleep with a loud fan. Recently, I have been hearing music even with the fan on, but not all the time. The music sounds like a transistor radio, I can't quite make out either the melody or the words. In addition to this I had an experience the other night which scared me. I awoke to what sounded like someone trying to breaking into my back door. The noise was not someone breaking a window or someone kicking it in. The noise was like someone trying to slide the doggy door over. I sat awake for quite sometime waiting for a shadow of someone in the hallway, just in case and was relying on my dog to attack, nothing. I passed it off as dreaming. This morning was a different story however; I woke to someone saying "hey" not once but twice. I kind of woke and heard the person say something else, I couldn't quite make out. I sat there for a while, thinking maybe it was my dog making a noise in his sleep but didn't hear anything else. I told my boyfriend when he woke to get in shower, which of course he laughed off. I got up to make bed and saw something walk down the hall, thinking it was him I looked down the hall he was still in the bathroom. Is this my imagination? Are these two instances related? Someone told me that when you see someone out of the corner of your eye, such as what I kind of saw, this could be my spirit guide. Is this true? I have had this happen when I'm stressed in the past but I never had anything try to communicate with me. What could this be?

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niecyt (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-06)
If you have been totally awake in all of these experiences it is probably spirit activity. You don't say whether our not you wee. Life last night I was asleep, heard a human growl, the cat walked across my chest, then I found her snuggled by me when I woke up fully about ten minutes later. She never sleeps by me and she was unusually skittish. Now, since I wasn't fully awake, it could have been me making the noise, snoring, a spirit (if that's the case, growling isn't good). However, I don't know because weird dream states make use see our hear things when we are half awake. Now, is this a rental? Did you smudge or have it blessed? You can have so many different energies when you live in rentals, old buildings, etc. Smudge, or have the place blessed, pray before sleeping, surround yourself with white light (just meditate on it, close your eyes imagine it, very easy). Then just wait and see, don't be scared, fear is what gives entities power, don't do seances, ouija. You don't want people coming in your home, bugging you uninvited, same with ghosts. You will be fine.
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
12 years ago (2012-12-18)
That was quite a shame... The story was too short! I do feel as if you've got more experiences to share but just cut it down as to not take up unnecessary space or you're just in a rush to find out the answers you seek. Either way, if you won't mind, if you have more experiences of the kind feel free to elaborate, my friend. 😁
About your query, I have to be honest with you that I still couldn't fully say if the one in your story is your spirit guide or not.Unless,of course, you share more experiences to enlighten the matter. But for the meantime, since I'm already posting my comment, I wouldn't jump to conclusions but instead options or something like that.
Number one possibility could be,yes:it COULD (a big COULD, since we're not sure yet) be your spirit guide. Taking what you said that it communicates with you when you're stressed and all... There is THAT possibility that it is your guide.However,if it's just a lower entity who got attracted to you or really the guide who was meant for you in this lifetime, we are still not sure.
Second,to answer your main question, what you have just experienced is obviously some kind of spiritual activity. And yes, it IS true. It was an incident caused by something beyond of your control or imagination. But if your experiences are connected or not, I couldn't fathom for now. I guess I really need more information on your current situation to say so. 😊
For now, I will await your response. I think you had me interested enough to clear up this matter for you as well.❤

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