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Many Abilities


I guess you could say that I have a number of abilities.


Ever since I was little I have been able to sense spirits. When I was about five I saw shadows in the house that my dad bought before I was born. I always felt uneasy in that house especially when my dad decided to build onto the house. He added a small living room and dining area and an upstairs. The upstairs was the scariest part of the house and that was where my room was when I was at my dads house. I felt like there was always someone watching me wherever I went. Eventually, some years later, my step mom convinced my dad to sell the house. I later learned that there used to be lynching done near there.

There was also this time in the car when my mom was driving. I heard someone singing pressure by Paramore. It sounded strained and hoarse. Right after I heard the song I saw a woman in the middle of the road. I freaked out I thought it was a real person. I yelled, "mom!" to get her to look at the person. She just asked, "what is it?" She couldn't see it. That's when I realized it was a ghost. The car was still moving towards the woman though and I was very scared. I closed my eyes and ducked down until my mom asked me if I was all right. Then I opened my eyes and looked at her and asked "you didn't see that?" she said no. I asked her if she heard the music and she said she didn't hear it.


I'm not sure when I gained this ability. I can see plants animals and peoples auras. Almost everything has an aura. Most of the time I can't control it and it gets blinding. I'm not sure what other people see when they see auras but I'm not even sure if what I see is an aura. I'm not like other people when they have to stare at someone to see the person's aura and when they blink it disappears. I see them all the time. It's nonstop. It never disappears.

What I see is a white light that surrounds, for example, a person and in some people its very strong and it's blinding, so much so that I have to look away. So far there have only been three people that I have seen like this. One was a priest another was a teacher and another was a person that was a technician.

Seeing the future

I gained this ability when I was about nine. At first I saw glimpses of things that would come to me out of the blue. Like the time, I saw that my mom would break up with her boyfriend. I saw that she threw the ring he gave her at him. And sure enough the next weekend she came home early and she told me that she broke up with him and threw the ring at him.

I am also able to sense changes in my own future. I'm not sure exactly how to explain this right. Usually when this happens I am doing something completely ordinary like going to the store with my mom. Then I start to feel very uneasy. It feels like the world shifts a degree or something and everything feels brighter and sometimes its hard to breathe, the change is so sudden and strong.

I felt a sudden change a few days before my school was threatened with a bomb. The change was so strong that my mom felt it too. We both felt it when I was passing by the school (Mom also has this same ability.) Apparently a navy medic from camp Pendleton was behind this. The school was evacuated to Thalassa Stadium, which was on the school grounds. It was very hot outside and eventually we moved to the gym but there was no air conditioning. The next day there was a major blackout that included Arizona, California, and Mexico.

I also felt a change before my mom decided to move two states away from my dad. I didn't think that we would actually make that big of a change. We moved away from almost everyone we knew.

Another time was when I felt a change near my school again. My mom was with me in the car again and she decided she didn't want to take a chance and kept me home from school. There was a shooting at my school that night.

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vergil117 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-01-16)
hey there, how are you? Let me tell you your not alone with your gifts, some of this stuff happens to me as well. I don't see auras... But I am Empathic, a Remote Viewer, and somewhat of a clairvoyant, let me tell you that I am here to help. I have helped a lot of people with there gifts and get you in touch with people like us. Would you like to? My email is on my profile page, and I would love to help you get in contact with others. The aura seeing can be controlled as well. If you want. Blessings to you friend. May your day go well.:)

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