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Meditation? Past Lives?


My mom's boyfriend suggested that I try mediation to see if I could see any of my past lives. So the next day when no one was around I closed my eyes and followed the instructions he gave me. He told me to think of nothing and just relax and breathe deep.

It felt like forever, when I had my eyes closed. But, slowly I started to drift somewhere. I wasn't asleep I know that's for sure. It was so real it felt like I was there with them. I saw a group of women crouching down near a forest path while I was standing on the path. They were all dressed in pilgrim clothes. There was a man with a gun he was also dressed in the same old-fashioned clothing. I knew we had to be very quite but I wasn't sure why. There was a woman in the group that I recognized from somewhere she seemed very familiar. I felt the fear of everyone and the tension was really heavy. I got really scared and opened my eyes to my room again.

I tried again the following day, but what I saw was way different from when I first tried meditation. I was with my mom in a bank. She was calling to me but I was faced toward the bank counter. There was no one at the counter it was kind of eerie. My mom called my name again but this time she sounded desperate. I tried to face towards her but I felt this strange sense of fear of turning around. I didn't want to see what was over near my mom. My head turned slowly and then there was a bright light and I couldn't see anything but light. Then I opened my eyes and I was back in my room. I have no idea what this could mean.

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RevSilverson (103 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-21)
your mother may be experiencing some financial trouble. This seems to be a precognitive (future) dream or one of events happening now that will lead to something in the future.

The past life you saw was your ancestor. We all carry dna memory and when we visit "past lives" they are of our ancestors. We carry a piece of each ancestor we ever had way back to the beginning. And we can recall these ancestors if we are very relaxed which is what meditation and hypnosis is all about.

Love and light... Always

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