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How To Control This Gift


I had many experience with spirits. I was able to see them and talk to them in my dreams. My first experience was when I was ten years old and I was living with my grandma, whom house my grandfather and uncle passed away, I saw and heard things move around the house, and I was very frightened; however, everyone told me it has to be family. I went to sleep one night and my grandfather was in it, The experience felt phenomenal because my grandfather told me was very proud of me and he loves me very much, and that he watches over me. I was very relived when I found this out.

My experience since then have grown stronger, I can now see them and or feel them by me, I have heard kids laughing and crying as I walk around the neighborhood, and they come to my dreams the same days. I have no idea what to tell them however! I have seen grown spirits but they usually leave me a lone, until recently.

I had my dear friend, whom passed away, be there for me whenever I cried for him. He would hold me and have his hands on my shoulders, and I can even hear his voice during awake! He also visited me in my dream to warn me about my brother depression, who I had no idea was depressed and he would tell me things that would happened to my brother, they were very close. I ask him to visit my brother in his dreams and he listened and visited.

I really would really like to know about this one experiences that been happening to me lately. I was walking my dog, he felt it too I think, and as I was passing this house I notice a man hanging, but I knew it was a spirit. I ignored it because I never seen one so "sad" I tried voiding the house; however my dog would want to go there, so I gave in and walked there. I felt a strange coldness and sadness as I walk by the house. For a few days I felt it. Last night he was in my dreams! Just hanging there. I was so scared I started to pray for him to go because it was so cold and depressing seeing him. What do I tell him? Any other tips would be very useful.

P.S. I do not know who lives at this house, or who used to live there. I only know their dog whom I sometimes see, and sometimes he barks at me.

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keithwilliam (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-31)
Hello Newbie and may I say that's a very intriguing story, you might like to read up on a saint in the Catholic Church called Padre Pio and the way he helped souls in purgatory, I believe you have a lot to offer people when they die, God bless.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-31)
You sound like you have had some very nice experiences:)

The man hanging in the house and your dream... You can just tell him to go into the light and to please leave you alone. If you still see him, you can ask for someone to come and get him and show him the way into the light.

I too usually see children rather than adults, strange because I'm an adult:) If they come to you in dreams, you don't need to tell them anything, I think they are just see that you can sense them and they wish to communicate. As long as it doesn't frighten you then it's ok. But you know you can turn it off if you want to, you just ask not to be bothered with it.

Good luck to you, write back if you still have problems with that man.:)

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