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Would I Be Able To Look Forward?


My name is Dayelys & I have been waiting for months to write this & find some answers to my questions. I've gone to psychics before maybe 2 one of them was lame but the other one was right on point. She said I have some type of psychic ability & that god uses me as a lucky charm & he puts people in my life so I can make them happy. But what I don't understand is the feeling I get, I feel as if I'm repeating life. As if everything I'm doing I have done it before it comes as a memory but the only problem is that I don't know what will come tomorrow until tomorrow comes and is just a replay of something. I call it deja vu but I have looked at the definition of deja vu & it's not exactly that. I believe I have some type of power because when I was younger I had dreamed my brother was coming for the first time from my homeland to the USA and I dreamed how everything happened & when I woke up I told my mom about it & she looked at me shocked because she was just on the phone with my father talking about my brothers flight which was the same day this is one I remember very clearly because of the way it happened. I'm really confused & this honestly sometimes gets me sad:/ my life feels like a memory that I haven't done yet. And I know I haven't done it because hello we're only 18 once lol this started to happen when I was 16 & I really thought I was going crazy... Ill go everywhere to get help & finally I went to the psychic who told me what god was doing... But I don't know ill like to know more about it I have tried to take psychic test & all of them say NO YOUR NOT A PSYCHIC! Lol I'm just really confused & frustrated I can't seem to understand anything that's going on... If anyone has an answer ANYTHING PLEASE COMMENT I'll really appreciate it!

With love,


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dajiivu (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-04)
Thank you both so much I agree I should let them roam soon they'll make more sense thank you again.
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-15)
My dejavu moments alway come from my dreams and I forget them and then I get the sense that I remember it just how the moment happened. We are linked with future, it also means that we are meant to know a bit of the future and to live through the events before and after the dejavu. That is how I define the word 'dejavu' because the technical term makes no sense to me either. I have seen the event in a dream of my father going to surgery three months before he went in for the transplant, and it was exactially how it happened, but the emotional feelings I had in that dream did not show up because I know he would live through it. Sure enough he is living life to the fullest. My advice is to let the dreams show you something and if you happen to remember it, then make notes of the events that lead up to the moment of dejavu. I don't ask for my gift to show me what I want or else it will go away. Enjoy your life and just let the gift roam and you may find what you have been lookking for.
linkos (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-13)
my name is gavin whittle I have the abilitie to see into minds and feelings and control the elements but I need help and you do too my number is 704 773 6036 text me with the name of the sote and a question about your powers to learn

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