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Spirits Trying to Contact Me or Just Wild Imagination?


From my other story you will know that I am psychic, but lately freaky things have happened. I've had freaky dreams but I don't know if they mean anything. It's not just this though, for about a year I have occasionally seen shadows out the corner of my eye, about once a month and sometimes more.

But during the last week I have seen a lot of shadows, I look and I see something black or sometimes white and it's only just for a couple of seconds but they really scare me and I don't know if I'm just imagining them or not. My friend thinks she's psychic and I think she is too and she sees some of the things I see too, is she imagining all this? Are we just making this up or are there really spirits following us? She has also seen other things that make me think she's psychic but I won't go into that now.

Sometimes I hear voices calling my name and I look around and nobody's there, or nobody has called my name and the other day after I saw a white shadow I started hearing voices in my head saying "help us, you can't block us out, help"! I also saw some hands and saw a few people in my mind.

Am I just making this up or are these actually spirits needing my help, how can I find out what these are? How can I find out if I'm imagining this or not? Please if anybody knows, reply! I really need help!

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Sofi (3 posts)
11 years ago (2009-05-28)
I guess... You should meditate. You will get your answers from within only.
Albator (2 stories) (46 posts)
11 years ago (2009-01-13)
Have any of you thought of having a brain scan or getting you eyes checked? No honestly, you'd be surprised by what our brain can make us see. I also think the whole perception of black = bad and white = good is a little bit simplistic to say the least and a man-made thing. Don't take me wrong, I believe in all those things, but they obay no rule and it's because I take them seriously that I don't think going into stereotypes is a wise thing.
pinkbabe63 (guest)
12 years ago (2008-06-05)
hi everybody I'd just like to share with you that if you search meditation on youtube you can find loads of helpful videos and tapes on it I have only just found them but I think they will really help:)
gladiamhere (7 posts)
12 years ago (2008-04-01)
I am so glad I found all of you! I AM NOT GOING CRAZY! When I am sad, I think my brother visits me. He was my idol. When I moved his picture, I felt he was watching me and was unhappy so I moved it back.
Its all the other things I see that has me confused. I know now, I am so open to the spiritual side, that's why I see what I see. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Am I putting to much into trying to disect it? Should I stop trying to figure it out? Any input is appreciated! πŸ˜‰
pinkbabe63 (guest)
12 years ago (2008-03-31)
Thankyou for all your advice please keep posting.:)

P.S I am so glad to have found this site and people like me.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-29)
Hi I know tesco have got loads of books on psychic and helping you understand those psychic abilities and some are wrote by people who have experience stuff and been psychic themself. You should read books and get information out of them and also on the internet research meditation on google.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-27)
Anyway I'm on the most haunted website watching the web cams its so exciting. Woooo
hot_and_cold (11 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-27)
Haha, katie... Curtains carpets clouds... Everything else in the world!

Pinkbabe, to answer your original question on my story:

You can control all of them, but it takes YEARS! I've been practicing since I was 8 or 9, when I first found out I had it, and I've only just learnt everything properly and succesfully (I'm 13 now) and I've half got the hang of hydrokinesis. Thermokinesis has always ever been easy, never really had to think about that because its come most naturally.

As I just said, I'm about half way through hydrokinesis, and I started doing that at about 10. When I've finished that, I'm doing Biokinesis, then pyrokinesis.

I suggest you find your strong point before you do anything, for instance, in my elemental control, aerokinesis was my easiest, but it may not be yours. Just try all different things with all of them, and see which one you feel most comfortable with. The one you feel most comfortable with is NOT your favourite, its the easiest.
Work from there.

And by practice, I don't mean about 5 minutes everyday, try practicing for about an hour or so everyday. It doesn't have to be all at once, just when you can.

Meditation helps. Focus on the one element you wish to control, one at a time. Do this for at least 10 mintues, or longer depending on what you want to get out of practicing. I most strongly suggest this.

Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-25)
I can see things pictures of things in carpets, curtains and that it strange. Clouds can make funny shapes when looking at them.
hot_and_cold (11 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-25)
I never really took much notice, I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me to be honest! But everytme I'm either sitting on the stairs or walking up the stairs etc. I see a little boy in black, for just a few seconds, then he disappears. I see them everywhere I go, but I'm a very creative person and see things like this made into pictures all of the time, like on a textured wall, clouds etc. I had no idea they were spirits! I see them everywhere, but in particular the little boy up the stairs. I don't know how I know it is a boy, but it just seems right. I also think his names Danny, but again I'm not certain. Can they tell you things mind to mind without you realising they are doing it or is this just my imagination?

Charlotte. :)
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-24)
Flutterofwings I see Apparition
An apparition is an appearance to a human of a ghost.
I've once seen a black thing flying across my room can ghosts fly if not then it could be a creature. After I saw it I pretended I never saw it then 10 minutes later it started to poke my ear to get my attention or something I guess. I knew I shouldn't of watched most haunted but what ever I saw and felt I wasn't imagination it it was nothing I saw on that night when watching it. My sister saw the same thing she told me the next day but she started screaming like she always does when something happens. Every time I watch most haunted on tele I experience something its really strange. It was the time when me and my boyfriend broke up but we got back together a month later. In that month I was seeing loads of ghosts they were coming to me and a bit angry maybe it was my boyfriend loved one's.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-24)
I don't think my dream had any connection with your vision. I had this years ago. I'm now in my 30's. Since your having a difficult time meditating and seeing your own pictures, you can buy a cd for meditation. I have one which was made by "Dawn Fleming". Dawn also has her own webpage. She's actually my son's girlfriend's mother whom just published this. It's great because she takes you through the steps of breathing and helps you to envision places, smells, and touch. There are also other cd's out on the market. This may help you at least get started until you can do it on your own. Also, before you do meditation ask for protection and envision God's shield around you. I've been deep into meditation, but struggle a lot because of fear. Something I've seriously got to get over somehow. Well, good luck. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me. We are all here to help and support each other. Hope I was a little helpful. Talk to you later.
dahlia123 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-12)
I too have recently seen these types of things, If they invoke fear then you should definitley be afraid
especially the black shadow
I suspect that your trouble is just beginning, you are not crazy you are sensing danger and that sense will become more in tune as time goes on,
The white is probably protecting you!
have you lost a loved one recently? 😒
Robert (2 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-10)
I believe you. I was in denial too, but so far never saw any shadows or heard any voices. I've been visited in my dreams and most recently my brother and mother encountered this girl right outside of the hospital. We thought that she was alive but there's was something strange about the way she looked and acted. And the next day my brother said that she was in his bed. I'm still in shock because my family and I have never experienced it like this before.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-09)
It sounds like you have spirits sometimes I see things at the corner of my eye but they seem to go. Sometimes they don't make it cause you looked to quick and they don't disappear in time. They pause when you see them and do those expressions in there face where they are like oh no. 😊Its funny cause then you know your not imagining things.
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-09)
Only once did I have a 'spirit shadow', but it was not in any way friendly. When I moved out of the house, I didn't feel it anymore, because it was stationed there. It was only in the bathroom, though sometimes I would feel it in a few other places. For months on end I was afraid to go into the bathroom and I would feel it behind it, sometimes infront of me, just looking at me and it really haunted me. Not once did this spirit ever speak to me in words, though in gestures that somehow I could understand, and no I don't know how I knew what it meant even though it wasn't speaking. I couldn't sleep very well, and I said prayers constantly for three months every night. (Though ironically I don't really pray anymore) After three months of praying it finally went away, I was only 11 at the time. Not once was I unsure of this, I did not see it just out of the corner of my eye, nor did it leave in a hurry, it was seriously grounded there. I just hope that it hasn't returned back to that house, but I doubt it. I realized that evil tries to scare away children, and I hope that parents realize that their kids can go through this without them ever knowing and that's why it's important to be open.
Ghostfaerie (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-08)
ok, your not imagining anything. Just follow these inner feelings. Did these words and images pop up into your mind out of NO WHERE? Or were you thinkin about them? And then you started thinking of who they were and what they needed? Also don't get too involved with things that you sense as bad. Do the black mists' scare you and the white just alarm you? I need to no this in order to give you help. You can e-mail me at free2becookoo [at], or you can respond here. Ill be glad to help, and you are a psycic. Your not imagining this.
Flutterofwings (28 stories) (257 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-08)
Shadow people, you can google about them, and there is lots of sights for this. Shadow people, that I have seen usually are in dark form, or black. Mostly on my hallway, walls.
I don't believe your making this up as many of us on this site see them. The ones I have seen never have harmed me, but some may to others, I am not sure on this.
When a person see's from the corner of the eye that is called "Peripheral Vision". But when you look stright on, one can't see the shadows of people. I am not stating you can't see head on, as some do, in many cases its the peripheral vision we have.
I often like to say it like this with entities " They want you to know they are there, but don't want you to see them..."
dangermom (3 stories) (33 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-08)
You're not making this up, I see the white and black shadow mist too.

It sounds like you may need to help those spirits if they are asking for your help. Maybe guide them towards the light and help them over.

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