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Clear Orbs In The Sky


I'm 14 and in January I went to a physic. The next day I woke up and saw clear orbs in the sky. I remember feeling surprised, not scared, actually I was happy afterwards. In my sleep weird things happen like being poked and waking up to sounds. Once I woke up to my drawer being pushed in, it scared the crap out of me. In front of my room I see this shadow being, when I feed my cats I see these smaller shadows watching them. Each day it progressed. I noticed that I always saw the color yellow. That is the color that appears most. When I was in a hotel the light was dimmed and I saw this lavender orb above my aunt. Then I saw a violet one above my mom. They were moving playfully. I realized that they were auras. I saw my own aura, it is indigo. And I saw my twin brothers which is the same as mine. I think I can rub off on people and make them see what I see for a instance. Rarely I can see human shapes on the walls, but I've never seen an apparition. I had very vivid dreams where sometimes I wake up and I feel like they are real. I've been keeping a dream log. I have seen more physics since January just to seek help. But it I still feel empty, there's so much I don't know. I learned that I was an empath which explains a lot. I see shapes and I can see things when I close my eyes (seeing with my third eye). I can see an objects energy vibration. Like if I look at a picture I can see it moving around itself in a different color. Recently I have noticed a ringing in my ears. No one else can hear it but me. It gets really annoying especially when I have a headache. I feel alone and I'm confused about what's happening. It feels like I'm the only one in my family aware of these things. It doesn't help asking them because they don't know so hopefully someone can give me guidance.

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Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-05-15)
You are not alone. Many are doing the same on the planet. Look up spiritual transformation, or ascension symptoms, its all there for your reading on the net. Lawd have mercy have I been through the shiat grinder on this one but then sometimes its exhilarating.

My symptoms were lots of ringing in ears, headaches, lethargy, sleeping for far too long, loss sense of wanting to work in life, etc. Too much to mention really. The only thing that helps to vibrate at a resonance of love for everything you do... Peace and non-judgement...just imagine a world with everyone that you can just wish them well and all is well. You gear it.

One thing that always helps when you will feel uneasy is to do something nice for someone, whether you facebook them, comment, write a letter, bring someone a flower, you name it, you resonate to the vibe of happiness because you make them happy... So keep up the vibe and no harm to none is all you should ever repeat to yourself.

Luv life, love to you, peace and happiness, joni:)
sqwoef (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-10)
why do you think no one ever succeed by controlling powers or doing mutant stuff who knows what could happen if everyone controls anything he wants there are limit to life we do not know sh** about life and no one will ever do generations are born from year to year with a smarter mind 2013 kids 3 years old have so much knowledge so forget all of that and say that you have a enough of what you've got live your life normally and enjoy it because sooner or later we all die and find out what it all was about it is complicated and no human can figure it out Good luck:)

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