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For a few years now I've always wondered that if this experience I had was paranormal or not. It happened one day when I was sleeping over at a friends house. It was probably around 1 in the morning and we were just goofing off like you normally would at a sleepover. Suddenly there was a super loud bang on her room door that scared us to heaven and back. We both looked at each other in complete shock and quickly turned off all the lights in her room and got under the covers of her bed. Then it sounded like there were footsteps going from in front of her door to her kitchen, opening a drawer, then slamming it very hard. The footsteps then came back to the front of her door. (her house was small and the insulation wasn't very good so you could hear just about anything going on). At this point were utterly terrified. Nothing else happened that night and we both decided to just sleep off what had happened and talk about it later.

In the morning, we were questioning everything that we had heard and thought that maybe her mom had pranked us. It seemed like the type of thing she would do just to scare us and get a laugh about. So we explained what had happened and asked her if she did it. Shed denied it completely and said she didn't even hear anything sort of like that happen. Now I know she could have been lying just to scare us even more, but she is the type of person who would admit it because she wants credit for doing something like that. My friend and I were a little confused and not knowing what to believe. We then went back and looked to observe her door to see if anything had happened because that bang sounded loud enough to break down the door alone. Come to see, the bottom hinge on the door was completely knocked off... (we didn't think anyone could have screwed it off without us hearing it because of the bad insulation and such). We never talked about that ever since it had happened. But I've always wondered what it could have been. Any ideas?

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Val3 (12 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-09)
Hello! This is something that our organization has dealt with several times, it's almost become ordinary! Hahaha, anyway,

My sister and I have more specific information that we believe you would be interested in reading, if you could please contact us?

Dividention [at]

truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-06)
I think you might be right on track, it probably wasn't your friends mom. I had something like that happen while I was at a friends house too. The difference being that it was the back gate that was opening and slamming, and the bangs were coming from the garage and laundry room. There also was not any wind that night, and nobody was ouside for the gate slamming and opening. About five people in the house heard the sounds.

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