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This started happening just last summer so I'm unsure of what to make of it so if anyone can help me great!

Okay I saw a vision of sorts, there was a staircase and I was going up and in the middle was a gold hand rail, the other side was for coming down and I clearly saw people going up and down these stairs that looked like marble or granite.

A figure came towards me and upon coming closer I saw that it was my Uncle who had passed away the year before. We smiled and greeted one another and to my surprise he asked me where this boyfriend of mine was (a little joke that he liked to play with me but all in good fun!) and I was all set to tell him about how he's invisible and he always agrees with me but doesn't say much when he stopped and smiled and I being confused started up the stairs again.

I had walked maybe 2 steps when I turned and he stood there smiling still. I asked him "you know who he is don't you?". Just kept smiling and I asked him where would we live and he mentioned a town (not going to say it because I don't want to jinx it) , he said this town would be great to raise a family. I hesitated at that part. I then asked him how many children and he said 3. After that I came to the present. I just started meditating before bedtime to help me relax and to channel my energies but I never thought I would have a vision like that ever while actually performing the task... Is this normal and does it happen to everyone at some point or am I actually imagining things? I'm not sure of what to make of the situation and I have a feeling I'm not alone!

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bigblue13 (3 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-26)
Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone when I see these visions! And you are so lucky spookvanger that all your visions came true, I can only hope and wish and pray that what my Uncle showed me will actually happen soon... Just the where, when and the how is what I need to see but I'm working on it! Thanks!
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-25)
You are correct you are not alone. There are others who have had similar experiences.
This experience happened because you are meditating.
Meditating every day or several days of the week does improve our chakras energy, psychic abilities, and on.
When we are in a meditative state we can interact with deceased relatives, spirit guides, go on the spiritual plane, see our memories from past lives, the list goes on and on.
We can do a lot with meditation.
Keep meditating and you'll be in touch with your uncle.
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-25)
Good morning Deepblue!
As always, time will tell. My personal opinion is that you were allowed a glimpse of the future but you will have to wait and see. In my life I had many glimpses and want to tell you that they ALL came true.
If you have time on your hands, read my profile, the
4 "stories" titled Psychic Experiences over a Lifetime.

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