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Can You Become More Psychic As You Age?


I am not someone who talks about my abilities or gift. But, as far back as I can remember I have always been seeing ghosts and the occasional demon. Unlike most people my family has been very open and understanding of my ability. My mother and my great grandmother have the ability to sense spirts and to a small extent communicate. I have always seen ghosts and have to some extent been tormented by them. They have become an everyday experience and have no longer terrified me since accepting them and trying to learn from them. That is until recently.

For the past few weeks my normal everyday encounter with the ghost of the old man in the laundry room has escalted into something I can not understand. I have started hearing voices, as crazy as it sounds to me I am truly not "over imagining" it as my husband has said. One night at work I was doing my typical closing and I hear my two co-workers yelling at each other from the other room and then I hear them screaming for me to help. So, I rush to the room I hear them yelling at, only to find one of them and he has his ipod on humming to himself. I asked him if he was yelling and he looked at me like I was crazy. This is just one experience too, I will hear people talking but I can't make out what their saying. This happens more and more lately. I have also heard someone call my name and is usually followed by the typical cold, anxious felling of someone watching me.

Another strange new occurance is that sometimes I hear music playing when there is no radio on or even the t.v. The most disturbing time was when I heard what sounded like 1920's jazz music when no one in the house likes it.

I always try to find where its coming from too but never do. I am a very logical person and am not quick to say, ohh that's just paranormal but the music really frightens me.

As if the ghosts, music and voices werent enough I have been seeing what I call "glimpses"to the past. I have moved from Florida to Virginia to help my aunt and I was hesitant to move to such an old area knowing that my ghostly enounters would increase but I did. Now as I drive home occasionaly I see the street I am on I guess shift into the past and I see it as the farm land that it used to be. Its only a moment but I know it must be real.

I never thought that seeing ghosts would be normal, even though I am still afraid sometimes but this new "ability" scares me to the core. One more thing my ghosts were always shadows with the very very rare full body clear image but now they are more "real" looking except the are blurry. Almost like if you take a picture of someone and they move and as a result become blurred but you still make out their features.

If someone could please help me, I really need to be heard and understood. I can no longer talk to my family about it because they don't understand it and I just really need someone to help me. Can you trully become more psychic the older you get or am I just going crazy?

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Jess0413 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-01)
Thanks for commenting really helps knowing that there are other people out there that have the same experience.:) I have begun to do daily meditations hopefully it will help:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-01)
Spirits can be seen: as shadow people, or sense-by feeling hot, or cold, a rush of wind, or a feeling of being touched. And see them as orbs, or a mist type energy that moves quickly.

When we give energy to study and applying our psychic senses then we open up even more.

Some individuals see-shadow people, while others that have seight see deceaced or incarnate souls as solid.
During the years I have seen some solid. But I have also leaned that we humans can see them solid then see then evaporate.

While there are humans who are born with eyes open.
Which means they see 24/24-this type of seight. For people of this calibur, I feel a little bit bad for them, because life can seem like an invasion, with spirit people speaking to moving.

Now earth imprints-can be hearing sound from a different year or era, but this can include seeing what was there before. Earth imprints-replay like a movie or like a CD player-same action over and over.
This is because Mother Earth has a memory and when we are at a similar vibration we tap into this memory.

Area to opening are: acknowledgement, reading books that help answer your questions. Meditation, stillness and listening for hours at a time.
The more you give the more you will open-up.
allinbetween (56 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-28)
Hi Jess. Sorry to break it to you, but yes you are crazy. Good luck with that. Buy lots of cats.

Kidding. Kidding.

I do believe your story. Becoming more psychic over time is a possibility, but it's difficult to 'quantify' psychic ability. An encounter can take various forms. If your mind is open to perception it will occur at any age. However, physical factors can be at play, such as your tiredness level. Try to see if you have more experiences when you're tired, stressed, etc. I'm not saying the sounds aren't real, but that maybe you notice them at times when you're most vulnerable mentally. By the description you gave, I bet you have it right: you moved to an old area and as you suspected, it means more encounters.

I grew up in a home I believe was haunted and I was scared, so I understand the fear. While we lived there, we all saw apparitions. When we moved to a new place, none of us had an encounter again.

My advice would be if this concerns you from a mental health perspective, you can talk to a psychologist to see if paranoia is the cause. Personally I doubt it, but if you want help on how to cope with your emotions, I'm sure a counselor can advise you. His job isn't to judge or doubt you but provide the help you ask for.

If you approach it from a psychic standpoint, such experiences are common. You're safe. Annoyed but safe. The spiritual world has no real power over you, you can ask for the ghosts to leave, or simply choose to ignore them. It takes nerves of steel, no doubt. Given that I don't know your history, or beliefs it's hard for me to give you an adequate opinion. I do believe there are good and evil forces out there and something 'good' will never feel scary or disturbing. Negative energy is a malicious prankster. It has no power to harm you directly, but it likes to play with your nerves, and put you in a negative mind frame. It sends you on some type of auto-destruct pilot emotionally. Unfortunately many of us secretly enjoy having these 'psychic' things going on so we don't try too hard to block them and end up annoyed long-term by such external energies. They are harmless in themselves, but it can be a source of stress and add strain into your life and relationships. Sometimes this is exactly what negative spirits want so don't play their game and become terrified. Shrug it off. There IS good energy out there that is protecting you, and maybe these encounters are something that 'good energy' allows you to experience. Why? So you can share them with others one day who also need help, or to make you aware that life is more than meets the eye... Maybe you'll get the enlightened answer you seek 20 years from now. Life is really surprising. Everything can be used to give you hope if you choose to see it that way. But if you aspire to a peaceful place without encounters, you'll have to find the right location:D Also learn to laugh whenever you hear 20s jazz... That stuff was terrible. Those ghosts need to live with the times. Maybe if you ask them to pay rent, they'll actually leave...

From what I've learned, peace of mind is best achieved when we can remain present. Move your thoughts too far into the past or future and worries trap you. The truth is nobody will ever have the ultimate answers as to why you're seeing this stuff, or what it means. Are you gifted? Crazy? Sensitive? Or someone with great stories to share? It's your choice. Opt for whatever makes you feel better & stronger.

Love from afar. Cheers. ❤
Ps. You're not alone... Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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