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I Have No Idea About What Is Happening


Me and a few friends were airsofting in a field with one and a half foot (1/2 meter/yard for metric.) tall grass and a small encircling of trees around a pond. The teams were me and a friend with a pistol and scopeless/sightless sniper rifle metal parts for both, vs a marine with grenades, a full auto rifle, and tripwires. My friend always seemed to get out first, but then I always seemed to be unhittable. The bb's were actually curving around me, and not hitting me. I also became unnaturally fast, and worked the snipers bolt faster than the marine or my friends dad, an ex soldier, could.

Another thing is that I've been exceptionally good at using alternate tactics in anything to do with jets, and am pretty good at hand to hand, all of this with no training in tactics or the actions in hand to hand. I've always had a special attraction to the F-22 Raptor for some reason. I also have had a strange feel that a war would be better for some people. There was an exception that I felt I absolutely needed to help a person that was asking around for help from "talented" people.

Also, A ton of people have been getting bad feelings about the future. Does anybody have any ideas as to what could cause this? I am pretty sure it wasn't all about the bad xbox design they originally had (Joking). In all seriousness does anybody feel like there may be a war or major disaster sometime, I've been feeling like there was going to be something happening sometime in the next few years for a while now.

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