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I keep having these odd things happen. For the past three weeks I have been able to accurately predict how the week would go. I was able to do this based solely on feelings I got, no people saying what they would do, nothing like that. For this week, (Today is 10/23/14) I was able to predict that the week would go horribly wrong for me and some loved ones. Monday went badly, Tuesday there was a lockdown because of a robbery, Wednesday my little sister was in a minor car accident, and today, my closest friend had an accident, taking a chunk out of his side.

And that is not all I mean by predictions. I can actually SEE things moments before they happen. Sometimes only milliseconds before. I was first able to do this a few months ago, which I discovered while playing Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies on the PlayStation 2. I discovered this ability because I flew my virtual plane through a virtual flak patch in the sky. I used this ability extensively in doing this, and weaved my virtual plane through the explosions remaining completely undamaged. I then paused the game and went into replay mode because it looked awesome and I had very little idea how I did it. I then had a flashback of my eyes snapping to where every explosion was going to be only milliseconds before it went off. The video is now on youtube. These virtual explosions are randomized but only to an extent. They do not go above or below a certain altitude, and after getting far enough from the flak cannons they stop firing. There is a 100 foot thick layer of flak that I was flying through, I did mean to fly through just to see if I could, then discovered that ability. I purposely flew through in that altitude where it can hit.

Other than just in videogames, where it comes in handy, it is also extremely useful in real life as well. I was running from two pickup trucks that were chasing me (At about 8:30 PM, walking home from my girlfriends choir concert. It was raining lightly, and through the concert rained heavily.) , I was on the sidewalk, there was an overgrown bush blocking my view of what was ahead. In my mind's eye I saw two people with hoods on, just like mine was. I slowed down as I stepped around the bush, and they were there, just as I had seen, down to the phone in one's hands and the color of his headphones. I told them what was going on and they chose to help me without getting the police involved. They both pulled their hoods further from their faces and split up, all three of us running different ways. The guys in the truck didn't know which one was me, two of us had the same color hood, gray, the third was in a red and green hood. I had a feeling that one of the trucks was still on me. They hadn't seen which one I was. They slowed down beside me, after I saw it in my mind's eye again. I ditched them four blocks later. The other two also made it home safely. I don't know why they were after me, I had done nothing, but they were certainly after me. I had seen one of the pickups the two days before the concert straight after school. A large cabin silver one. I never got the license plate, but they had been driving erratic those two days.

And on top of that, my dreams of things happening from last month have been coming true day to day this month.

Does anybody know what these abilities are called? I would like to know.

(Also, the passenger of the first truck may have gotten a photo of my face when they slowed down. They rolled their window down and I saw a smart phone, a large touchscreen one with the camera ready, and light on. The second truck appeared coming down my street while the silver one went up, presumably searching to find my house, but I was at the door unlocking it. The door is partly concealed by bushes.)

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spiderspun (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-02)
You are in colorado. How similar this experience is to mine lately. It's Nov 4th now and ran across your post. Trying to figure out some premonitions I think I had too.
truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-27)
Thank you. I'm not so sure about the one with only milliseconds before it occurs though. That one has been the most useful as of late. The video for the flying is called Epic Piloting and it's on my personal channel, hf117j. If you watch closely you can see that it looks almost like random blind luck, then you notice that I'm rolling and stopping rolling, usually by the time the next explosion happens I'm out of the way. My instinct was telling me to make sure the blast didn't hit my wings or stabilizer. I was on the hardest difficulty, and on that, two hits would have downed me.
Aggers (2 stories) (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-25)
That's weird!
Why would they come after you?

I'm guessing that the feelings is intuition. Very strong intuition. I'm guessing that as you cannot pinpoint the exact events that will occur, just a feeling of the situation.

The second, premonitions maybe?

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