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Dreams And A Blank Vision


Recently I have been having recurring dreams, the troubling part is that most of my dreams come true. One of the dreams that I first realized came true was just a normal shopping trip with my mom. I realized the order and color of the cars was the exact same of the order in my dreams. That was my first ever dream that came true a few years ago, I am now 16 and it's been starting up again. The dream in question is that I was shot four times in the chest, the dream has been recurring.

Earlier today I knew I was having a vision but I couldn't see it, it was just blank. I also have been feeling a deep connection to water and feel this energy flowing through my body. So much has been going on though since I tend to phase to different abilities at different times. Awhile ago me and another person who was also a psychic were at the park and I just had a feeling we should go home. On the way he got a call from his dad telling him to get home before he got grounded.

A couple months ago we were walking to 7-11 and he got a call from an unknown number for both of us saying they would kill us. We thought it was a prank call for awhile, but recently there were two deaths. One from the school I went to last year and one from the school I go to now. They were both friends of mine and they died in the order I went to the schools, they even died in the same week. Recently I have had that dream recurring with more detail each time. Normally I find how I got to that point in time in my dreams and it only turns out to be a near death experience. This time I can't see how I get to the point of getting shot but I have a bad feeling that's growing in intensity. Does anyone know something about anything of this?

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truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-21)
One was hit by a car that kept going and one supposedely fell in an air vent when he was getting drunk, the air vent was on top of a school. I don't believe those were accidents.
AshStar31 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-12-21)
Sorry To Ask But Were Your Friends Murdered?
Not Trying To Know Your Privacy But It Is Just In Case! ❤

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