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When I first met that particular family Vestal, Mildred and their son Steve in Oct 07 while doing the parent's assessment for a transfer to a retirement community, I felt immediately connected to them like it never had happened before. They felt the same, it was an amazing feeling.

The son had come back to take care of his parents and although he was very bright, there was no work in his field at that Florida location, and they were very poor. I believe the son had previous problems that I felt but we never discussed them although he tried several times.

Then the parents moved into my community and all was well. Then beginning of February, I woke up several times with a vision that turned out to be the exact thing that would happen in the next few days.

I clearly saw the father Vestal in a hospital in ICU, I saw him dying while I was by his bedside at night, I saw the son driving to Indiana that same night (which turned out to be the time he had scheduled to leave as he had a job to report to, in Indiana) and I saw him and I talking the whole time, I saw the all drama in front of my eyes and it is exactly what happened 7 days later.

Steve was devastated to have to leave right when his father was dying. I was their liaison, their friend, and yes I was the only one there when he passed, holding his hand as we were both talking and he kept smiling at me.

I no longer talk to the son Steve and I am not sure why, but this was an experience I will never never forget, because for a reason that I cannot understand, these 3 people are still in my heart.

I do see sometimes Mildred although she is alive, and 2600 miles away. I think of Vestal everyday. I think of Steve too. He now refuses to talk to me, perhaps because we got so close and we both moved away but I am not sure.

I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and "see" Vestal, and find myself talking to him. Why was I so intimately connected to these people that I had known for 3 months? It does bother me because it feels I cannot move on in my life since that.


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green (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-24)
The connection you feel is because you have found someone you were close to in your past life. Possibly a family member or even a kindred spirit. That is wonderful. I am sure your connection to him is so strong you were able to know what he was thinking and communicate to him telepathically. Now that Vestal passed he comes to visit you. I am really happy for you and that you were able to catch him in this life before he passed.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-23)
Dear Nathalie - such a beautiful name. I think your souls connected for a special reason. It was a gift. Accept gifts. That's hard if you are a giver. No one feels that way, but some are and we are surprised. We can never give enough I guess. I once told someone, This person wants to give you something and it may embarrass you but let them do it. They will feel better and feel useful and kind. The words kept repeating in my mind and I knew I had to hear them myself. Then I had a friend, with little, give me a magazine. The words were loud then. I didn't want it because was cleaning out old stuff, but realized she had a big image about it. I made a big deal about how I loved recipes and she lit up. I still have her gift. She has given me other stuff which my husband rolls his eyes at, but I know it means something. Sweet matters. I've known her now awhile and she still notices that I still have her stuff. Being strong, we forget how making others happy can be special. It happens too much or maybe too little. I always goof up. But, I won't be "paid" for what I do. I say that, but have never been broke. Never have though and I've seen hard times. But, I do think things are personal. I try to see each small act that way, and important in some way. My mother's name was Mildred. My dad and friends called her Mid or Middie. I also have a history with elderly people. Ty for your post. Sometimes I give a few cents to some needy person and thank them for teaching me. I think others are wiser. My teachers. Do others feel as dumb as me? I hope not.

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