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My Very Strange Past?


I'm not really sure how best to explain all of this but really I'm just writing this because I need some more help understanding what is going on and how best to find out more information.

I should probably start by explaining that I am an empath/ clairvoyant and I have been a medium for the past three or so years.

About a year ago I was told by one of my spirit guides that I was adopted as a baby from a little village in the South of Kosovo a few years before the war in 1999. I have always felt from a young age that the people I had been living with were not my biological parents, especially as there was very little biological resemblance between me and the woman I thought of as my mum, but as a teenager I just thought, hey doesn't everyone feel like they don't fit in when they're a teen and didn't think much of it.

My spirit guide had said on a few occasions, before mentioning about Kosovo, that I was adopted and my other spirits also support her on this. But there seems to be a lot of other psychic evidence supporting this.

I can remember in visions me running along a dirt path through fields of corn or wheat and seeing two houses in front of me- one is a renovated red barn and the other is a white bungalow with a veranda- I enter the red barn house and I see a long dark brown wooden table in a dimly lit hallway and frescos/tapestries on the walls, lit by candle light, when I look up I can see a large wooden staircase running along the back of the house leading up to the bedrooms.

When I enter the white bungalow I walk along a narrow hallway and can see a living room with old leather sofas and a small black old fashioned TV.

In another vision I see me and my siblings (who, I am told, were born after me) playing in the fields near the house as the sun set over the mountains in the distance.

I decided to do my own research to find out if any of these details from the visions were true. I found out the name of the town were I was supposedly born from my spirit guide and when I looked on Google Maps I was surprised to find that I could easily find the two houses surrounded by fields and a dirt path and the mountains in the west. I had also been told that the houses had been bombed during the war and the pictures on Google seemed to support this as the houses looked like they had been destroyed.

There are many other things that have made me wonder if this is all true including dreams where I have seen my 'birth parents' however when I have tried to search for their names I have not been able to find anything (I know that spirit guides aren't always too good on specific details like names) and I am not able to check government records (although I still will) as my spirit guides say the adoption was private.

My 'adoptive family' (who I am no longer in contact with- but not because of this) are aware that my spirit guides have told me about Kosovo and my 'birth family' and have denied everything saying there were pictures of me being born. However my spirit guides told me I was adopted when I was three months old on the Greek Island where my 'birth grandmother' was born and that they had had another daughter who had died under mysterious circumstances (I later visited her grave and I have to admit when I first went there the spirits seemed very on edge, as if they wanted me to know something, but they were much happier after I spoke to them). I also remember looking at baby pictures of 'me' as a child, taken before I was three months old, and thinking that the child was different- that the child in the photos should have grown up to have brown hair not blonde hair and blue eyes like I have.

My 'adoptive family' have read of my psychic records which include all of the things I have been told about Kosovo and my 'birth family', however they have never talked mentioned about a younger child, who I have called Sophie to avoid confusion, despite my spirit guides making some rather serious accusations about how they treated the young girl. Social services (who supposedly at one point had suspected something wasn't quite right when I was a baby) are also aware that I believe I am adopted but have literally just laughed at me and called me crazy, although I have not told them anything about Kosovo or anything my spirit guides said, however on their reports they did not include my parents nationalities and often got their ages wrong (making them much closer to the ages of my 'birth parents').

All of the above makes me believe there is something else going on here. How do I just know random Albanian words out of nowhere? Why was pronunciation of English so bad when I was a kid but when I first started speaking Albanian my pronunciation was spot on? How can I remember my 'family home' even though I was just a baby at the time?

I really want to hear your opinions on this and what you think I should do. I really want to reunite with my 'birth family' (and my spirit guides say they want to meet me too) if what my spirit guides have told me is true. My readings of tarot cards have also supported a lot of this as well.

If you have any questions please ask me. I'm looking forward to hearing your comments.

Blessed be and much thanks,


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Pathwalker (2 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2013-08-20)
While you may have psychic proof of your adoption, most people only believe what they want to believe. If at all possible, get a DNA or paternity test to get some concrete details on whether or not your adoptive family is in fact your blood family. If nothing else, it solidifies your claims and gives an indisputable proof that you are not from that family.

I wish you luck in reconnecting with your parents!:)
jodenx12 (70 posts)
7 years ago (2013-08-19)
My advice to you as a Guardian is that the way you continue to pursue this journey of yours it is important that you accept help from others in which can bring you further to your goals. Besides your spirit guide, there is also your very own Guardian Angel that can assist you in your journey as well and prayer to our Father is always helpful. Personally I think you will be able to find the answer in your spirit world in which you can access your memories in there as well.
chasingdreams (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-08-14)
I must say that your story is very interesting. It's surprising that you have such details of the past and gives you proofs that you could have been probably just adopted. On the other hand, I can't help but wonder why your parents, the one you grew up with would deny that you were adopted when they know that you have awareness that you could possibly be not a part of their family by blood? Why is it hard for them to tell you the truth? I guess even if you have proofs, dreams, visions, and guidance form your spirit mentors, the only one who could tell you the truth are the parents you grew up with.

With regards the language, when I was a kid, the first words I learned were English, even though my first language is Filipino. Until now, I would still have trouble pronouncing Filipino words.:)

THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful story. I hope you find out the truth soon.:)

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