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Am I Having Premonitions?


A few months ago my mum and I were going shopping. As we were driving, I got a terrible feeling like something bad was going happen. I felt really anxious and nervous and my stomach knotted up. When my mum went to psrk in the multi-storey car park, she hit her wheel and burst a tyre. However, as soon as it happened the feeling went away.

The feeling came back about a week ago on my little brother's birthday. I thought it was just a reaction to my dad - he was drunk, which always puts me on edge. The feeling got worse until I went to get the cake forks from the room we lit the candles in. The table in there has a table cloth, which was on fire. Once again, the feeling went away as soon as the problem had happened.

It's not just premonition type things. I'd left it really late to see it my best friend could come over. But somehow even though we hadn't seen each other in ages (I'd been away), I knew she'd be free. I don't know how though.

There's also the deja vu. I keep feeling like I've done things before, but in dreams. I never remember my dreams, until after, when I experience them for real. Is there any way I can remember them, to maybe know what's going to happen?

There's one last thing, the only other person I've told about this is my mum, and she told me two of her own experiences. The first is that she was thinking about one of her patients (she's a doctor) that she hadn't seen in ages, and then in her next surgery, that patient came in. This has happened more than once and in diffenerent forms - she told me that she was thinking of a rare condition she hadn't seen in over a year, and she saw three patients with it in her next surgery. The second experience is once her and her family were going on a long drive and she woke up in the morning with a bad feeling. Her younger sister insisted on sitting in the front of the car, but my mum told her she had to wear her seatbelt (they didn't usually). Later on, they got into the most terrible car crash which would have killed my aunt if it wasn't for my mum.

I really just want to know if this is normal or if it is normal for psychics, are there any ways I can increase my psychic ability. Please help, I'm really confused!

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becoming-enlightened (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-08-16)

Don't be afraid. It's knowledge, if your mom didn't have this gift, she would not have been able to save your aunt.Alway's listen to it,it's alway's right.
You hone your skills by using your gifts,regularily,all day,everyday.
I remember having and using my gifts since I was really little, my gifts have kept me alive, and kicking.
It's not alway's pleasant what we see,feel,hear,taste,touch,dream,ect,but it is the circle of life, you must accept it, there is good and bad, your stronger than that, shake it off, keep moving... You cannot have yin without yang.
There will be another battle to fight.
The battle for good,love,peace,enlightenment...
Our future...

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