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Strange Black Figure


My story is about what happened to me and my younger sister at my old house. My sister and I had many strange experiences there. All of this happened to me when I was in kindergarten all the way until I was in sixth grade, and we moved. I have been holding this story in, and haven't told anyone and wanted to let someone know.

My room was upstairs, and next to my sister's room. I was always afraid of that house, for no reason I could explain. When ever I would go to bed at night, I had to sleep with the hall light on. I thought it would help my fear a little.

My bed was set up at one end of my room, and I had a direct view of the door. When I would go to bed, after I knew for a fact that my parents were down stairs, or knew they were in bed, I always avoided looking at the door. When ever I did, there was a strange black figure. I could tell it was human, and was a male. It would stand there, and stare at me. I could never see the whole body. Only from the stomach up, because it peeked around my door frame. If I stared at it for to long, it just disappeared. I always wondered what it was, but moved to soon to take the time to figure it out.

Another strange thing about that house was, my sister saw things too. She is two years younger than me, and now is afraid of ghosts. When we lived at the old house, she would go sit and look out the window in the dining room. She would randomly call me over and say something like "Look! Look at the puppy! It's green and so cute!" I would look out the window... And there wouldn't be a thing there.

Although, one night, when I was scared... I called my mom up. I had seen something that made me want her up there. I know that for a fact because I looked into my doorway and got really scared. She asked "What do you see now?" I remember this image perfectly. A green dog, a colly to be exact, was walking towards me. It jumped on my bed, and just curled up next to me. My mom didn't see it though.

Another thing my sister said, was that she saw a man walking up our driveway to our door. I would look out and see nobody there. Once she claimed he came inside. That scared me.

Also, at that house, I never felt like I was alone, when I was. I felt like I was being watched and followed. The doors would randomly close once in a while too, of course, I blamed that on the wind. Now the more I think about that, the more I wonder if it was something more.

Since I was small, I have been able to see figures, others can't and feel the presence of something unseen. I can also tell if that thing is angry, sad, happy, etc. Another thing is, no matter how hard my friends are hiding their true feelings, I feel them to, and sometimes can guess what it is that is making them feel that way.

So back to my old house... Can any of you tell me... What were the things I kept seeing? Was my house haunted?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-28)
When I was sleeping, with my door open, my 6 year old nephew passed by my room to go to the loo, in the night, and he saw a 3 foot black hooded 'midget' (small man), looking at me... Probably a little demon. Well, I must say i've never seen a spirit myself, but we are a practicing christian family, and we are protected by angels... Even while sleeping. LOL!
Anisola (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-10)
You know, the same thing happened to me, I saw a black figue peeping in my rom when I was in my bed. The difference is, it never disepeared, it always attacked me, leaving marks and I ended having insomnia for a long time. I also can feel and see things and I can also feel other's feelings. Could you try to discribe what you saw? If it happens to be the same thing that I saw, I will do a researsh about it, I'm still very scared of it.
mccartyseboria (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-05)
im afraid of mirrors too I can't look into my own eyes in the mirror and don't like being anywhere near them... Doorways kind of spook me to when I'm in my bed cause I feel vulnerable to everything.
hollinor (3 stories) (127 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-25)
I hate facing doorways in my bed, or mirrors either, something it always moving past them. I only remember seeing a shadow once when I was little, but it was a pretty big one. Of course, it was moving past me and my sister's bedroom door. As an adult, I see plenty of shadows now, but always out the corners of my eyes. Only once have I seen a shadow figure running directly towards me. For a split second I thought it was one of my little ones, but they were at school and I was home alone.

My eldest daughter sees spirits as one color. There was a green hand that she said would come out from under her bed. There was never anything attached to it, just a disembodied hand.

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