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Ghosts Are Attracted to Me


I have clairvoyance, but it isn't all that strong. I know that depending on what you do, you can accidentally attract spirits to you. I have never come into full contact with a spirit, like being able to hold a conversation as you would in school or at work, or just with your family. I just got my first really strong urge to tell someone something and that really makes me excited.

I was talking to my friend Gemma, and she mentioned that her grandmother passed away. A few moments later, I felt as though someone was with me, even though I was home alone. Then I just had to tell her, your grandmother says she knows you and she loves you. (Her grandmother had Alzheimer). I know that this feeling was real, and it wasn't just me trying to make myself believe that I can do things like that. It was real.

I think that ghosts are attracted to me. I have read that spirits come to people who are open to the spiritual world. I have had a few come to me, but none have spoke to me, I think they just needed the attention. Now, the reason I am writing this is because I need to know something... Can ghosts get attracted to you more because you watch things about spirits and hauntings?

I watch a show on discovery channel called, A Haunting, I find it quite interesting. The strange thing is, when I am watching this, I begin to see people that aren't really there. It is strange. They just stand there for a couple seconds then they are gone. I know that this isn't my fear because the show doesn't scare me at all. Those things just don't scare me. They just seem to come, and make me notice them, when the rest of my family doesn't see them, and it happens more when I am watching that show.

Can they be attracted to me more if I watch something about spirits and hauntings? Please comment me and tell me.

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Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-12)
Spirits have been attracted to me since I was about 2 or 3 ears old. They just hang around, somelonger than others. Sometimes they speak, sometimes they don't. Some are a bit cruel, but other than that, they're fun and relaxing to be around (or I should say surrounded by.)
brainboy (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-30)
yea spirits seem to be attracted to me and they don't leave me at all... And I know this because I once looked out the window, it was night but light enought to see, as I was sitting in the paassenger seat and I saw that an entire 2 streets had been filled with dark silhouettes that were following the car and I have occasionally seen the exact same thing on various occcasions... Sadly evry time I see them like I would see a normal person they run away from me and into the dark and dissapear
angleGirl111 (1 stories) (113 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-12)
I always was psychic...
But I been open...
Theres been times when I totaly been open and nothing happens and other times when I'm not open and I feel something wierld
Like the time my heart was beating fast and I couldent breeth...
And then I got depressed for no reason
I was scared
Id cry and my thought would be "why am I crying what's wrong with me I hate when it gets dark early"
Then when I re dicoverd my psychic abilitys I knew it wasent me
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-08)
No I don't think so! But after I saw a few ghosts I started to watch Most haunted but on the nights I watched it I would experience something so maybe your right they might get attracted. I saw something black flying across my bedroom. Then I just ignored it and pretended it wasn't really there. Next thing I was getting poked down the ear. So I believe its something evil maybe.

I'm in the same situation I can see ghosts and they can touch me and I can feel them and also I dream of the spirit world. That is all. When I can't see a ghost I can hear them or they send me a message. When I see a ghost they are silent.
haley9045 (7 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-07)
I've never watched that show I'll watch it tonight and tell you what happens tomarrow.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-03)
vampire angel,
have you ever seen demons/evil spirits? Do you ever see evil spirits that are not all black haze, like most see? I have seen one and my son seen the same one and both gave same description, not all black. I could feel the evil coming from her. I'm just curious to see if anyone has seen something like we have. If you have, what did they look like?
rachel123 (17 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-03)
i like that show.
i also like paranormal state and ghost whisper and medium.
-Rachel 😉
Vampire_Angel (8 stories) (123 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-02)
Girlygirl89...I have gotten used to the scary parts. I have learned what the directors do to add DRAMA. That is pretty much what I see... Shadows and stuff out of the corner of my eye.

Mystical2...I know a way to open and close the doors. Just relax yourself... Then picture an actual eye where your third eye is located... Then picture a switch by it... Then turn the switch on... It should open. Then picture a zipper on the top of your head... And unzip it... Then down where your bellybutton is, picture a light there, a bright white light... And this opens your intuition. Reverse it to close the doors. Hope that helps you.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-02)
I don't know, this is just a guess I'm making because I'm trying to fiqure myself out also. It may be possible that while your watching the show, maybe not realizing it, your opening your psychic door more at the time. There is a way to open the door and shut the door. That's what I'm trying to learn how to do now for safety.
girlygirl89 (guest)
16 years ago (2008-05-01)
Oh my god! I watch the same thing too and everytime I watch it I get terrified! (I still watch it though) I also think that ever since I've been watching it I've been more aware of spirits/ghosts or their existence in general. I have never seen them but, I guess I have started to notice things more. Like, a shadow from the corner of my eye or something. I just thought that my mind was playing tricks on me because I was afraid...

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