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Evil Attached To Stepmother And Psychic Draining Related?


My stepmother has an evil attached to her that is very strong. I don't have a big problem with my stepmother herself, other than that she plays with things she shouldn't (tarot cards, etc.) and is a drunk alcoholic. When she drinks, the evil spirit uses her energy more. This spirit has the ability to make people's natural intuition go all wonky. It can also mimic other people's energy.

Before my father met her, he had a dream about her and therefore determined that she was his "true love" (and I'm not saying she's not, but there may be more at play than that). After he married her, his relationship with his children changed drastically. He broke promises he had made to his children (myself included). The best way it can be explained is he once told someone that he put his needs first, his wife's needs second, and his children really didn't demand his help as we are all adults. Although I knew that he had viewed us as unwanted responsibilities he was now glad to get rid of, I didn't realize how strongly he felt that way. Please also understand that my father is one of those people that as long as his needs are met (in this case work, financial, and sexual needs), he will just follow along with the crowd as he doesn't want to look bad in front of the people whose opinions matter to him. Sometimes, I feel like his true self is stuck somewhere underneath a thick façade of who he pretends to be. And sometimes, my father is jealous of his children. There have been times when I have felt he doesn't want us to succeed because he doesn't want us to be better than him.

Shortly after they married, the evil spirit attached to my stepmother came to play with my husband and I. It took us a little while before we realized what was going on. However, one night, I knew without a doubt that my stepmother had sent a spirit for us to cause problems in our marriage. (I may not be able to see the spirits, but I instantaneously know who sent it. I can't explain this as I've only had it happen a few times.)

After that, a (different, possibly messenger) spirit that didn't feel inherently good or bad watched us while we slept. After a while it bothered me so much, I called my father because he has the most experience with these things. It quit after that, but my father never told me what was going on. He never does.

Around this time, I had a dream that a spirit was picking on my father. I, being insignificant in contrast to my father, told the spirit that he shouldn't pick on my father; that it wasn't okay. At first, the spirit looked at me oddly as if I said something funny then walked right over to me. He put his arms on my arms and fed off my anger. That's when I realized that I needed to send love because evil only feeds off of anger and hatred. I apologized to the spirit, and then the dream ended. (As a sidenote, for whatever reason, in my dreams, spirits always seem to do a double-take with me. Any ideas why?)

More recently, I was considering asking my father for help with rent. I felt my father's angry energy and mixed with something else (possibly the evil with my stepmother) basically mad with me for wanting to take "his" money. This really freaked me out because I'd warned my father on multiple occasions about things that were taking place not for me but for him. I am concerned that one day, he will end up alone with no money because he will have alienated those he loved from himself. It would be a long road ahead of him at that point to rebuild his relationship. I hope it doesn't happen, though, but he's headed in that direction. I cried about this for a couple of days, but decided that there was nothing I could do so I decided to move on with my life and forget him.

Now, I'm having trouble severing the bond between myself and my father. There was a time when I really could have used his help because although psychic abilities run on both sides of the family, there are certain things he has more experience with. One example is that we both get visited by the same positive energy/spirit although my father can see them where I can't. We also have both had our eyes turn red when we felt angry. For me, it was because I felt threatened and angry because I wanted to quit my job. Although I felt something pushing me, I still felt in control of my body at the time. So while it could have been demon possession, it seems different than other stories I have found about it. As soon as my husband looked at me with love, I calmed down because I became concerned about him rather than hating myself.

I just started a job as a manager. The first day went great, almost perfect. The second day was about as bad as it gets. I felt my heart chakra being drained that day. I'm not sure what caused this. Sometimes, I get drained when I try to calm down my husband as he has anger issues. But on this day, I felt his love protect me. We may not have a perfect relationship, but we love each other unconditionally- something that's not easy to come by.

I would like help with severing the bond with my father, and also help on how to strengthen and protect my heart chakra. I would like to be taught how to control this so that it can help me in the future. I hate feeling drained all the time because it makes it harder to deal with everything else. Plus, I would like to keep my job, which I love.

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Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2013-11-08)
I was going to start a separate post, but since that is temporarily disabled, I just wanted to add that in my dream that was a message to my father, there were two parts. In one part of it, he agreed to be my spiritual teacher. This is a bit weird for me because I have been praying for one. I have tried to go to my father for advice before, but he always tells me not to worry and he'll take care of "the problem", or "that happened to me, too" and acts scared about it- which doesn't teach me anything, really. I am planning to become a doctor and am interested in merging allopathic ("Western") medicine with naturopathic and what is referred to as complementary medicine (traditional medicine, though not specifically Chinese). I believe that I am meant to be a healer or medical intuitive, though I am not sure on how all that works. So I'm beginning to look for a teacher. However, with my dad being sick, I'm not sure if I can trust him to be my teacher. Any advice?
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2013-11-08)
Just wanted to follow up with everyone. First, I wanted to say thank you to Thimiz. I really appreciated your input, especially since it was another reminder to forgive and love. Things are much better now (for me and my husband at least).

However, due to circumstances I have chosen not to contact my father very much. Recently, I had a dream that was a message for my father so I contacted him because it was important. While talking to him, I realized that in some ways, my father is sick spiritually and that I couldn't be mad or hateful with someone who was sick.

His problem is that he doesn't want to do whatever it is that he was sent to this earth to do and because of that, he tries to avoid it by "fitting in" with others and more or less doing what his friends and wife (before, it was my mother; now it is my stepmother) expect of him. The times that I have been harshly honest with him have almost brought him to tears, but I am not sure why because he hasn't done anything truly horrible although he has made life more difficult for people who care about him. For some reason, it is almost as if my father is afraid of hurting those around him if he simply is true to himself and I don't know why.

Within a day or two of contacting my father, I get an image of a older (70+ years old) guy with blue eyes that glow red and a long white beard who is angry with me, almost as if the old guy is trying to hurt me or send me a warning. I'm not sure who he is supposed to represent, but I'm just staying out of it because there is nothing I can do for my father if this is the path he is choosing. I can only protect others close to me. It's the same spirit/being that I first saw clearly when my dad's godfather died a couple months ago. So I am actually not sure who it is related to.

If anyone knows of anything else I can do for my father, please let me know. However, it feels like any time I try to help him, an evil spirit/whatever tries to retaliate against me and others I care about. For whatever reason, this evil spirit fears my father becoming aware of the truth. But at the same time, it's like my father doesn't want to be made aware of the truth. Can you think of any ways I could help my father?
Thimiz (1 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-04)
I think there are some visualizations you can use to disconnect yourself from your father. To make it easier you could write a little story to guide your imagination. In all fairness, since the future isn't set in stone your scenarios could be true. And I think that's enough for your chakra's to avoid prolonging a draining relationship.

One is watching him becoming happy and fulfilled, this way if your heart chakra is connected to him. You'll create a scenario where your heart will naturally let him go. Because he's happy, fulfilled.

Or imagine a scenario where he advices you with something and you succeed with it, where he walks away afterwards like a teacher.

Maybe you can write a story about you and him sitting on a bench and what you would say to him, and what you believe or wish he would say back. In a dream context where you are both out of this world, and have love for each other. But non the less agree that the relationship as it is down here isn't serving any of you.

A way to strengthen the heart chakra is to buy or chose something you already own, and keep it with you as you visualize or remember the best things that ever happened to you. Even if the object you carry don't keep your good emotions, your brain will eventually associate it with love and security.

Also you could write about how you feel and think while your really stressed out, and later when its over, look back at it and see that you got through, you got back to yourself. Normally we don't fear our fear or our emotions.

We are afraid that it will be the same as all the crises you see on television, stories and events in life. Making emotions and fears into a static and dull experience. It isn't like that. One can have many experiences where one is afraid, angry, hurt, scared, drained etc. And still have an open mind that maybe the next time will be much worse, or like some other people experienced it.

And by the way, women especially has an unique energetic healing ability, all you need to to is let yourself imagine it. 😁

Thats my two cents, this page will probably give you many more 😊
Kylewalker200 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-09-03)
I was in my science class at school today and I was sitting there and my my nose started running. Then the next thing it's like my brain switches off and I can't conecentrate or focus then it feeled like my energy was being absorbed. This has never happened before to me. Could it be someone who was close to me. I mean I could hardly move

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