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How Do I Stop Having Visions Instead Of Dreams?


I'm not sure exactly when this started going on, but it seems like its been ages. Lately thee past few years I have been having visions at night instead of dreams. They are always dark and scary and no matter what I try to do they always seem to come true.

A few years ago, I had a vision that my grandfather was going to die and I tried to tell my family but they didn't try to stop it from happening. So on my uncle's birthday my mom called my uncle to let us know that my grandfather had passed away. When we got up to leave, I saw my grandfather and he just nodded and whispered that he was feeling like he could join the army again. And when we got to the nursing home, I saw his dead body and knew that he was a lot better than I saw right then and there.

But that was one example. Some on here may know about the treyvon Martin killing, I saw his death a few days before it happened. And I'm sorry to his family because I couldn't stop him from dying.

But those are just two out of probably hundreds of visions I get at night. Some of which are worse than those two but some that aren't as bad. Another example was I was getting married when my fiancee's uncle killed us both after telling me that his nephew was worth more than a psychic freak like me.

And I know that was a vision because we are planning on getting married this April. So if anyone knows anyway to get these visions to stop at night, please email me... I've tried so many things that a young person shouldn't have to try and I've gotten hooked on a bad thing because I just want to sleep well at night. And I don't want to depend on something to let me sleep.

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annieoaktree (2 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-11)
First, there is prayer in whatever path you are comfortable with. Prayer is powerful, maybe the most powerful thing. A recipe for prayer: gratitude plus request for protection all done in a sincere and humble way.
Second, clean your space. Especially where you sleep.
Consider just moving everything around. Everything is vibrations after all. Maybe just a change of flow will help.
Third, find a good trustworthy reader who can see what is going on and hopefully give you some tools.
Fourth, a simple mantra like we are safe and protected repeated daily should have power of its own.

There are probably others with more insight here but I wanted to respond.

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