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Precognition Getting Out Of Control, I Want To Be Normal


It is sad to say that I find myself at a breaking point. I guess a story should start at the beginning; even though mine never does. Like most others I began to get my "curse" (as I call it) at puberty. I would seizure during sleep and see through the eyes of people that I had some profound connection to. People like my girlfriend at the time or my dad. So I told my dad seeing as my parents were divorced. He took me to the hospital because of the seizures. They could find no evidence that any had occurred. So everyone wrote it off as a bit for attention. But I saw my girlfriend cheat as she was doing it 20 miles away. The next day at school I asked her if it was true. It was.

Then when I reached 22 years of age it changed. The seizures started happening when I was awake. They also changed from seeing through the eyes of others to only seeing through my eyes but future events. Things like my death, which is not fun knowing by the way. It happens when I am alone and on my back. To anything in between. So I went back to the hospital. Still no sign that I have had a seizure. But this time I had proof. Since it happened while awake, my wife saw it. Every thing I see has come true. Now at 26. It is progressing to feeling when bad or good things will happen. I predicted car accidents and injuries. I am still getting the seizures and visions and now they are turning dark. Not light and dark, dark. Dangerous dark.

I try to stop the things I see but in doing so just fail or make them happen. The visions are getting longer. They are no longer seconds long but minutes long.

It also happens 3+ times a day. I am sane, so when I say suicide is not an option I mean it. I have a daughter to protect in a vastly unstable world. If I truly am seeing the future then I know my time is limited. I want to be free for just a little while. My existence had been harsh and I think I deserve a little peace.

Please help me get rid of this "curse" it is useless anyways because as I have learned, it is impossible to change the future. My wife is a great support, but I do not even cry about the pain in the things I see any more. I even am starting to have problems touching others because it makes me feel the pain or happiness in them or there future. I am no longer afraid just so so so very tired inside.

Sincerely Robert Fowler

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IntuitiveMama (22 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-15)
Touchstone, I am sorry to hear of your situation. It must be very frustrating! If you are familiar with meditation, you could begin putting a protective shield of light around you to try to either stop the visions or at least see only the good. Another option may be for you to check out your local colleges - there are sometimes classes there for "intuition" or sometimes they'll call it "psychic." You could attend a class--in order to elicit some ideas from the instructor. And finally bigger towns often have a local and legitimate business or group where there are people who really want to help each other with this type of ability. This might be called something like a "Spirituality Meet Up" - they are usually a group of spiritual people with many types of abilities. Our town even has a church for people with these abilities. You might find someone in a group like that who could give you some guidance. I wish you the best with your future and your family. I'm sure you would much rather be enjoying relaxing moments with them! Please let us know how things go for you. Kind regards, IM.

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