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Halo, White Orbs As Thick As Snow, Game Plan No Dreams


I sat down in the living room with a Cherokee friend named Melody. I starting meditating. The first impression the space within and outside my head collapses in a plain bisecting my vertically through my ears and top and bottom of my head. It was like my plain of senses was an infinite thin plain from my head. My eyes were opens, as I can meditate open-eye. I am a devout Catholic by the way. My friend reported in a minute that I had a while blue halo around my face along the line separating the middle. It could be easily seen on wall behind me. Quickly my next experience was the 2 dimensions of my perception collapsing into one dimension, it might have been at the middle of my skull but it felt like I was one with all things. After this many white orbs appeared like heavy snow outside the house. It was beginning to darken outside and it was summer time; it was very easy to see the snow. It appeared the white orbs were trying to get into the building in the living room but all the windows and doors were closed. We clearly both saw this, but she was the first to describe it. This was not snow; it was summer time. These white orbs left fairly quickly; a little over a minute. I believe the white orbs are angels in their most diminutive form but don't really know. My impression was they were certainly good. My guess this was a slight foe taste of heaven. But I don\'t know

I had many tribal friends who seen their dead relative soon after death. About half the tribal members have some story of unusual spiritual experience not typical for European folk (very strange or powerful). From what I can tell many North American tribes are free from Original Sin. (there are many more extreme example in recent history) They still have to act to in complete love and become with the body of Jesus on death to fully enter into heaven is my guess.

The only way to the Father is through Jesus, I know this by verbal instruction for sure. Hopefully mans general separation from God will be voided for all time including the past, present, and future. Some of us have a general game plane for connecting all man with God. It requires a few graced individuals. We commit to our spiritual actions for this extreme of love; even in past exercises for this we haven't gone it alone. In an extreme movement (and mostly unseen by you) we committed to it and gave a basic movement plan but the Holy Spirit was on the throttle and we are not talking about a physical weapon of man but fairly extreme movement of in this case the Holy Spirit. All of this from God's grace, love, mystery, and power of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Some might have some special grace but we are men and women- long ago trained not to have pride.

As I see it a long shot. But for example when you encompass the earth completely safely in the Holy Spirit and move a safe distance away from the earth and accelerate to many time the speed of light this is one of the spiritual heavy weapons; being used again darkness we are one with Holy Spirit, and speed is over 200+ times fallen angels (we also saturate vast areas with the same love) and they cannot handle the love of God; it kind of gives you hope. Darkness is out gunned. Also God's main weaponry of love has not even been deployed and will be used. Smaller deployments has been done for the benefit of man, large scale has not. This will allow engagement on earth without destroying it. All aspects of God will come into play and be mobilized and the remaining high level fallen angels and those of original sin who still such the spirit out of man will be stopped in their evil ways. The engagement will occur back in time before Original Sin starts. We have people who have received this grace but are far from ready. There is a long training cycle but have they have spiritually and physically displayed this ability to very quickly more back in time (God\'s gray and love is amazing, they also provide excellent recognizance). The fallen angels will likely be preparing at great feast on man at that time. They will be engaged on earth that only transforms or destroys them (not man only receive Christ\'s promise of eternal and not be harmed), the ones who escape will be overtaken (they cannot run) and be feed to the gills of the love of Christ hopefully to eventually be one with Gods plan.

Shortly thereafter the entire universe will be cleared of darkness. My best guess is most of it has been rolled up as we speak.

One can only hope that man is ready to love each other as Christ loves us. There may be turmoil and growing pains. In the long run Gods complete and full loving promise is with us. I hope by the grace of God His plans being draw up for man\'s evils will not have to used.

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